What Are Live-Work-Play Communities?

When searching for a new apartment, one interesting trend you may come across is the growing number of live-work-play communities. This new lifestyle idea could soon take the world by storm and is growing in popularity across major metropolitan areas. What exactly is a live-work-play community? Read on below to find out.

What are live-work-play communities?

Live-work-play communities are a modern development that seeks to bring essential locations like work, shopping, and recreation closer to home. These communities include housing, recreational outlets, grocery stores, and spaces for remote work or proximity to large employers. A live-work-play community can make it easy for you to fulfill your basic needs while staying comfortably close to home.

What are the benefits of live-work-play communities?

It’s clear to see how living in a place with easy access to shopping, entertainment, and work could be a benefit, but there might be even more benefits than you realize. Aside from being a healthy economic and social situation, live-work-play communities benefit the environment as well.

In an ideal live-work-play community, you’ll be able to access many amenities within a short walk, and you may not need to own a vehicle at all. This helps reduce emissions and makes living in these communities more affordable. 

How many live-work-play communities are there?

Live-work-play communities have actually been around for a while, although the name has changed over time. They used to be known more commonly as mixed-use developments, and also share many things in common with the idea of the 15-minute city

These developments are becoming more and more popular with both real estate developers and consumers, as is evident in the number of new live-work-play communities being built. According to a report by RentCafe, more than 40,000 apartments have been built in live-work-play communities each year for the last five years. A growing number of apartment options are in developments like this, which means your options for moving into a live-work-play community are increasing.

Are live-work-play communities good for remote work?

Live-work-play communities can be great for all sorts of people, but especially if you work from home. One thing that many remote employees struggle with is staying focused and in “work mode” when they’re working, but this is made easier by having a dedicated office space. Many live-work-play communities have offices and workspaces available for remote workers to use, so you can have some of the stability of working in an office while keeping the flexibility and comfort of working from home. This can also help you free up space in your apartment that would have to be used as office space.

How can you find a live-work-play apartment?

While there are far more live-work-play communities now than ever before, it can still be difficult to find a situation like this for yourself. If you’re browsing rental websites hoping to find something, odds are you won’t have any luck. To find options for live-work-play communities in your city or state, search the internet directly for live-work-play communities or neighborhoods near you.

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