Moving: What Should Go in Your Car Instead of the Moving Truck?

If you’re moving out for the first time and you have a decent-sized car, it’s likely that you’ll be able to fit all your belongings in your vehicle with you, but otherwise, you’ll probably need to rent a moving truck. A moving truck can be a helpful way to transport more items than you could fit in just your car, but some things are actually better kept in your car for the trip for safety and easy access. Read on below for five things that should go in your car instead of the moving truck.

Important clothes and toiletries

Move-in day can be a long one, and after all the time spent driving to your new apartment and unloading everything, nothing will feel better than a good night’s sleep. To avoid the hassle of digging through boxes in the moving truck to find your clothes and toiletries for the first few nights, pack these in the car with you. This is especially important if you’re moving across the country and will be staying at hotels on the way to your new apartment.

Fragile items that are hard to pack right

While it’s possible to pack fragile items in a way that keeps them safe for the trip, sometimes it can be easier to pack some of these in the car with you. This could include TVs and other technology, artwork, nice dishes, ceramic or glass decorative pieces, and more. If you’re hiring movers, this will also ensure that you’re the one in charge of these fragile items so you don’t have to worry about anyone else handling them roughly.

Refrigerated or frozen foods

If you’re just moving across town, you may be able to keep your frozen or refrigerated foods cold for long enough to keep them when you move into your new apartment. You’ll definitely want to keep these in the car with you so you remember to move them into your new refrigerator or freezer as quickly as possible when you get to your new apartment.

Pets or plants

Obviously, if you have any pets, you can’t leave them in the back of the moving truck, and the same goes for houseplants. No matter how well you pack your moving truck, it’s likely that items will move and shift during the drive, and plants can be easily crushed by boxes or other items falling onto them. You’ll also want to keep pet food and any other pet care essentials in the car with you so you don’t have to open boxes to look for these during your first day or two in the new apartment.

Entertainment items

If you have lots of things, it can take a while to unpack, so it might be worth keeping some of your favorite entertainment items easily accessible so you can have some break time while unpacking. Consider having a box or tote in your car where you put books, board games, gaming consoles, and anything else you might need handy to keep yourself entertained during your first week at your new apartment.

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