Hosting a Housewarming in Your First Apartment? 5 Gifts to Ask For

Hosting a housewarming party can be one of the best ways to get a jumpstart on turning your first apartment into a great place to live. Guests will often bring a present to a housewarming, but what if they ask you what they should bring? Here are five great gifts to ask for at your first apartment housewarming.

Simple household essentials

The first few weeks in a new apartment can be pretty chaotic, and you’ll most likely find that there are several things you need to buy to get everything in order. Simple household essentials like trash cans, towels, and brooms are cheap individually, but you’ll be surprised by how quickly costs can stack up when you buy them all at once.


Houseplants can be difficult to care for, especially during a move, but they’re a fantastic addition to add some life and beauty to your first apartment. If you don’t have much experience taking care of plants, ask for some that are easy to care for, such as jade plants, aloe, or lucky bamboo.

If you like to cook, consider asking for herbs or other easy-to-grow edible plants that you can make use of in your kitchen. Some herbs that are easy to grow and use include parsley, oregano, dill, and mint.

Candles, wax melters, or scent diffusers

New apartments often have a way of smelling strange or musty at first, so anything you can use to help bring a nice scent to the place is a great housewarming gift. Consider asking your guests for candles, wax melters, or scent diffusers to help you fill your apartment with pleasant aromas.

A diffuser with a selection of essential oils is a perfect housewarming gift for your first apartment. Consider asking for cypress or ginger oil to potentially promote good blood flow, lavender or lemongrass oil to possibly improve your sleep, or peppermint or rosemary oil to potentially boost your focus and concentration.

Kitchen necessities

Kitchen tools and appliances can be expensive, so having others help you out when buying them can make your move into your new apartment much easier. Gifts like a set of knives or cutting boards, a toaster, or some cheap cutlery can be affordable for your housewarming guests while being very useful for you.


Good lighting is one place where many landlords and construction companies skimp out, so ask your housewarming guests for lamps or other light fixtures to help brighten up your space. It can be nice to have a lamp to put on your night table, a desk lamp for your schoolwork or work-from-home space, or some LED strip lights to add a cool multicolored effect in places around your new apartment.

For a multi-functional piece of lighting that’s both aesthetically pleasing and useful in your space, ask for a Himalayan salt lamp. Himalayan salt is said to be a natural ionizer, which means it can change the electrical charge of the air in circulation. This means a Himalayan salt lamp may improve the air quality in your apartment, helping relieve symptoms from allergies and other illnesses as well as improving your sleep.

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