3 Fun Advent Calendar Ideas for Your First Apartment

Advent calendars are a fun way to count down the days of December as Christmas grows closer. These can commonly be purchased at all sorts of stores, but what if you want to make your own DIY advent calendar to display in your first apartment? Here are three great ideas to do so.

Message in a bottle calendar for your significant other

As a cute way to celebrate the holidays with your significant other, try making this cute DIY Christmas tree advent calendar. Start by purchasing 24 miniature Christmas trees. These can be found in a variety of places, including online or even in a local model train store near you. You’ll also need to purchase 24 small cork bottles, which can be found online or at some craft stores.

Both you and your significant other can write 24 messages to each other, one for each day leading up to Christmas, then roll them up and place them in the bottles. You should be able to remove the bases to your miniature Christmas trees with a pair of pliers, then poke each one into the lid of a bottle. Finally, add number stickers so you know which bottle is which.

Mini stockings advent calendar

Stockings are one of the most iconic ways to give and receive gifts on Christmas, so why not use them for your advent calendar as well? This DIY project will require some sewing skills and a relatively steady hand, but it’s definitely doable for a beginner if you’re interested in sewing.

Start by cutting 24 stocking shapes from 2 pieces of felt each, using different colors and patterns of fabric if you’d like. If you want, you can cut out a template from paper to help keep your stockings each the same size, or you can freehand them for some variation.

To take your stockings to the next level, consider embroidering or gluing on extra decorative details. Stitch together each stocking by hand or with a machine, then stitch on a loop made from extra felt or yarn so you have a way to hang the stockings. Finally, add numbers to the stockings with painted tags or small wooden stars, then fill them with whatever presents you want and hang them up.

Christmas light bulb advent calendar

For this cute decorative advent calendar, start by printing (on colored paper) and cutting out 24 copies of the templates attached. Score the paper on the dotted lines so it’s easy to fold, then bring the sides together and glue the built-in tab to the inside of the bulb. Add whatever filler you’re using to the inside of each bulb. With a six-inch piece of string, tie together the holes at the top of each bulb to close it.

Bend the tabs at the top of each bulb outward, then glue your templates for the base of the bulb to the top of each one. You can now cut off the string, as the base will hold each bulb together. Cut out the numbered flags provided and punch a hole in each one, then string the bulbs and flags up together.

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