Is a Bidet Toilet Attachment Worth It for Your First Apartment?

As the world moves toward more healthy and environmentally friendly products and lifestyle trends, one thing making a big difference in the bathroom is the bidet. A fully functional standalone bidet isn’t a viable option for everyone, especially renters, so read on below to learn about another great option: Is a bidet toilet attachment worth it for you in your first apartment?

What is a bidet toilet attachment?

A bidet toilet attachment is a useful gadget that lets you add the functionality of a bidet to your bathroom without the cost and hassle of installing a standalone one. This helpful attachment either goes on under your toilet seat or replaces it altogether and lets you clean with water instead of having to use toilet paper.

Saving money long-term

A bidet toilet attachment can be a great way to save money on bathroom supplies long-term, especially if your landlord pays the water bill. Not only is a bidet toilet attachment a more affordable long-term option than toilet paper, but it’s also significantly more affordable than having a full bidet installed. While a standalone bidet can often run $800 to $1000, most options for bidet toilet attachments fall between $40 and $200.

Ease of installation

A bidet toilet attachment is also significantly easier to install than a standalone bidet, and it’s unlikely that your landlord would let you install one of those anyways. A bidet attachment can be installed in 10 to 15 minutes and requires no special tools other than a screwdriver.

This also means that a bidet attachment is easy to remove, so you can take it off if you don’t want to use it anymore or if you move and want to bring it to your new apartment.

Are there health or hygiene benefits?

Contrary to popular opinion, using a bidet has no proven health or hygiene benefit, according to a Prevention interview with Craig Comiter, MD, a Stanford Health Care urologist. Dr. Comiter did say, however, “Rinsing with water may simply be less irritating and less caustic than using paper wipes, especially if one is overly forceful with the toilet paper.”

If you occasionally experience discomfort after using the bathroom, a bidet attachment may at least be an option worth trying out. Everyone’s body is different, and it just might be the thing that helps you.

Environmentally friendly option

One benefit of using a bidet that can’t be disputed is the positive impact it has on the environment. The average person uses about 100 rolls, or 50 pounds, of toilet paper per year, which is an environmental expense that majorly stacks up over time.

Personal preference

Since there are no concrete reasons a bidet toilet attachment is better than simply using toilet paper, this decision should mostly be based on personal preference. If your main concern is saving a little money or doing your part to help the environment, a bidet attachment can be a good option, but otherwise, all that really matters is what’s comfortable for you.

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