How to Throw a Halloween Party in Your First Apartment

Having the freedom to throw parties and host people is one of the most fulfilling things about moving out on your own for the first time, and Halloween is one of the best times to do so. From making invitations to picking activities, here are five great tips to throw a fantastic Halloween party in your first apartment.

Nail the invitations

The first step to any great party is making invitations that entice people to come, because if nobody shows up, it doesn’t matter how good your food or decorations are! Good invitations to a Halloween party should include three primary things: details about the time and location of the party, a number to RSVP so you know how many people to expect, and whether to wear a costume or not.

Everyone celebrates Halloween differently, and whether or not to wear a costume is always an awkward thought when you’re invited to a party without many details. Being the only one in a costume or the only one without one can both be embarrassing, so save your guests the trouble by letting them know in the invitation.

Commit to the theme

There are several ways you could take a Halloween party, but whatever you choose, it’s important to stick with your theme. If you want a dark horror-themed party, your planning and decorations will look different than if you go for a more whimsical Halloween theme.

Think about your chosen theme when picking food, music, and decorations for your party. Picking a color scheme to stick with can help too. Consider black, white, and red for a gaunt horror theme, or orange, purple, and lime green for a corny Halloween theme.

Spooky food

No party is complete without good food, and Halloween luckily presents plenty of thematic ways to make simple food more interesting. Try red velvet cupcakes with blood-red frosting or sugar cookies cut into spooky shapes with cookie cutters. When hosting a Halloween party for adults, consider trying to class up your candy game with more “sophisticated” candy such as chocolate-covered nuts, gourmet gummies, or fancy chocolates.

Use your space efficiently

Optimizing your space is one of the most important factors when planning a party in an apartment, especially a small one. This starts with being thoughtful about how many people you invite. While it can be tempting to start handing out invitations to everyone you know, too many people at a party can make the space uncomfortable for the people you actually care about having there.

While you’re thinking about space, consider moving some furniture around to make your apartment a little more party-friendly. Pull seating as close to the walls as possible so your party has a comfortable spot for everyone, whether they want to stand or sit.

Pick great Halloween activities

Games and activities are crucial to any party, and thankfully, you don’t have to be too original when it comes to Halloween activities. Classic games like pin the tail on the donkey or a pumpkin carving contest are easy ways to add fun to your Halloween party without too much creativity or planning. If you choose to have a costume party, there’s no reason not to have a best costume contest too!

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