4 Ways to Insulate Your First Apartment’s Windows from the Cold

Fall is here, and if you’re a first-time renter this year, you’re most likely beginning to think about how you’re going to keep your apartment nice and warm. If your windows are cheap single-pane ones, common for rental units, they can be a significant source of cold air leaking inside. To learn some of the best ways to insulate your first apartment windows against the cold, keep reading.

Window insulation film

Window insulation film is a simple product that’s specifically made to help insulate your windows without blocking sunlight or a nice view from coming through. Window insulation film is an ultra-thin layer of clear plastic that covers your windows, holding in heat during the winter and cool air in the summer. This film can even help protect you and your furniture from UV light from the sun.

To attach window insulation film, use strong double-sided tape, preferably made specifically for window film, and attach it around the edges of your window frame. Pull the window insulation film tight until you can attach it evenly to the double-sided tape. After attaching the film, you can use a blow dryer on low heat to even out any wrinkles.

Rope caulk

Caulk is a putty-like substance used to seal cracks around windows, doors, and other external fixtures on buildings. Companies building properties for rental income are often more concerned with cutting costs than maximizing build quality, so proper caulking is often skipped. If your landlord lets you make your own repairs and modifications to the property, but you don’t want to buy and learn how to use a caulking gun, try rope caulk.

Rope caulk is a piece of caulk rolled out into a long rope that you can pull apart and push into cracks and holes around your windows where needed. This is a great solution if you can tell there are a few specific spots where cold air is being let in.

Thermal curtains

While insulating film and rope caulk are both easy methods that most landlords will allow, what if you want your insulation to be easily reversible when you want to move out? If so, thermal curtains are the best window insulation choice for you.

Thermal curtains have a lining that blocks heat from moving through them, so they’re a great way of insulating your apartment during the wintertime. They can be super affordable too, and you can purchase them as blackout curtains if you want to block light from entering your bedroom or another room in your house. The only downside is that the curtains will need to stay closed for you to receive the full benefit.

Removable magnetic window insulation

Another removable option is magnetic window insulation, but this will require you to paint several layers of magnetic paint around the edges of your window frames. Most window frames are white, though, so there’s a good chance your landlord will be okay with this.

For magnetic insulation, simply brush the magnetic paint around your window frame, let it dry, and then cut a piece of magnetic insulating vinyl to fit the window. This can easily be removed when you move out or if you just want to open the windows.

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