Pros and Cons: Live-in Landlord

In our Pros and Cons series, we weigh the advantages and disadvantages of important decisions that apartment dwellers are making every day.

When looking for a new apartment, one option is always renting out a room in someone’s home or renting out part of a rental property the owner lives in. This situation presents benefits as well as challenges, so read on below to learn about some of the major pros and cons of having a live-in landlord.

Pros of a live-in landlord

Easy to contact

Having a live-in landlord makes it easy to contact them when you need anything, as it’s often as simple as a knock on the door or mentioning something in passing. With a landlord in the same building as you, it’s easy to notify them of repairs that need to be handled and anything else you need their help with.

Deals with the same problems as you

When your landlord lives in a separate building, they can be somewhat cut off from the problems that the residents face. This landlord will often want to avoid dealing with problems because they’re just expenses that cut into their revenue. If you have a live-in landlord, the landlord will be incentivized to get repairs taken care of since you’ll be dealing with the same problems.

Gives you more options for paying rent

When your landlord lives in your building or even the same apartment as you, it’s much easier to pay your rent by cash, check, or money order than if you have to mail it to them. In many circumstances, you may still want to pay through direct deposit or another means, but it’s always helpful to have more options.

Cons of a live-in landlord

More rules to deal with

One downside of having a live-in landlord is that you’ll typically have more rules to follow. When your landlord is around you more often, they’re more likely to crack down on small things and add new rules that wouldn’t have necessarily been in place before. However, this does often mean that the landlord is likely to follow the same rules themselves and will work to try and help keep your apartment or apartment building well-kept.

You’ll have less control

If you sublease a room in an apartment and your landlord lives in the same unit as you, you’ll often have less control over your surroundings. Small decisions like how to organize the kitchen, what furniture to use in communal areas, and who controls the television will more often than not fall to the landlord.

Disagreements can be uncomfortable

Having arguments or disagreements with those who you live with is always an uncomfortable situation, but having a live-in landlord can make this even more so. Fighting with the person who controls your rent, which is usually your biggest expense, is never a situation you want to find yourself in. Because of this, it’s crucial to never move in with a live-in landlord who you know you’ll argue with.

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