How to Pack Your TV for a Move

When moving into or out of your first apartment, one item to be particularly aware of is your TV. Flatscreen TVs can be expensive and easy to break, so taking the time and effort to properly protect yours is worthwhile. Read on below to learn how to properly pack your TV for a move.

Clean the TV first

Before doing anything, it’s important to clean your TV screen. This might seem counterintuitive, as it might just get dirty again during the move, but this will help prolong the life of your TV. Any harsh dust and grime that’s left on your TV when you pack it up can be rubbed around on the screen by whatever you pad your TV with, which can leave small scratches and damage the screen over time.

First, simply dust off your TV with a microfiber rag or other soft cloth. Alternatively, you can use a can of compressed air to spray any dust off. Then, use a screen cleaning spray and a new rag to wipe the screen off more thoroughly.

The right box

Choosing the right box for your TV is an important part of keeping it safe during the move, and most stores sell boxes specially made for flatscreen TVs. These boxes have two sides that slide together around your TV, so it helps to have a second person to help you box it up. Tape the box closed to keep it secure. If you kept the box that you purchased your TV in, that can also be a great option.


If you don’t use a special TV box to hold your TV, you’ll want to make sure you use plenty of padding to keep it safe. A simple way to do this is to wrap the TV in a blanket or two and then secure the blankets with a rope or bungee cord. You can also wrap the TV in bubble wrap or another protective material.

If you don’t have a box at all to move your TV in, wrap it with another thick blanket or comforter to keep it protected. A TV without a box is much more likely to break, so consider keeping this in your car instead of the moving truck or trailer.

Keep cords and cables organized

To make setting up your TV and accessories easy after you move in, organize your cords, cables, and remotes in plastic bags. Tape each bag to the device it works with, and label it in case it comes off. It’s also good practice to take all batteries out of your TV remotes before moving everything.

In the moving truck

Even if you properly box and pad your TV before moving, if you handle it too roughly during the move, you can cause damage. Be sure to strategically place your TV in a safe spot in the moving truck or trailer, ideally where it can stand straight up without having anything stacked on top of it.

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