Apartment Tours In-Person vs. Virtual: Which One Is for You?

When looking for a new apartment, one of the most important steps is touring a few places. With modern technology, you don’t necessarily have to go in for a physical tour anymore, as virtual tours have become common. This doesn’t necessarily mean virtual tours are equal to or better than physical tours, so which one is for you? Read on below to find out.


In a perfect scenario, an in-person apartment tour will nearly always be a better option. While pictures and 3D tours online can give you a decent idea of what an apartment will be like, it’s difficult to really understand the space until you actually go there.

Get a better picture of how your things will fit

You typically can’t see precise dimensions when you look at pictures of apartments online, so going to tour one in person can give you a better frame of reference for whether or not your furniture and decorations will fit. You’ll also be able to assess the paint colors, light fixtures, and other aesthetic details to see if the apartment will work well with your decor style.

See little things you wouldn’t notice otherwise

Additionally, touring an apartment in person will give you a chance to see little details you most likely wouldn’t notice in pictures or videos. Things like the height of the ceiling, how much natural light there is, and what kind of shape the floors and walls are in can make a big difference.

Scope out the area

Touring an apartment in person also gives you an opportunity to learn about the surrounding area. You’ll have a chance to see if the neighborhood and apartment complex are clean and well-kept, and you’ll see what stores and restaurants will be located near you.


Virtual tours are a fantastic option if you live far away from your new potential apartment, or if you’re hesitant to go to an in-person showing for any other reason.

What are my options for virtual tours?

When taking a virtual apartment tour, you typically have two options. Many apartment listings already have a virtual tour uploaded online, and some even have a 3D or virtual reality option. Alternatively, you can sometimes schedule a virtual tour with a realtor or landlord over a video call.

If you’re moving cross-country

If you’re planning to move cross-country or even to the other side of your state, it might be worth taking a virtual tour instead of making the trip. A move can be expensive, and the time and money spent driving out to tour an apartment aren’t always worth it, especially if you don’t end up liking the apartment.

Virtual tour before an in-person tour

Whether you have a chance to see a potential apartment in person or not, it can be worth taking a virtual tour beforehand. It can’t hurt to gather as much information as possible about your options beforehand, so that you don’t spend days touring apartments in person before finding one you like. Try a virtual tour to see if you might like an apartment, and then schedule an appointment in person if you want a better look.

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