5 Romantic First Apartment Decor Ideas

Whether it’s for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary – or just the general look you want to pursue with your apartment decor – romantic decorating can be tricky. It may be easy to list off individual things that are typically classified as “romantic,” but putting them together in a balanced way is often tough. For some of the best tips and tricks to step up your romantic decorating, read on below.

Mood lighting

The right lighting can make or break any aesthetic, and this is especially true for a relaxed, romantic style. Lighting that’s too bright will kill the mood and the sense of mystery that romantic decor can bring, while if you don’t have enough lighting, your apartment can feel dark and dingy.

The right lighting for any romantic decorating scheme should be soft and warm. For a simple and inexpensive option, just replace the lightbulbs in your current fixtures with warm bulbs. If you don’t have enough lighting, consider adding string lights or lamps.

Soft textures

Just like your lighting, choosing the right textures is an important part of your romantic decorating scheme. Add faux fur rugs, soft throw pillows, and warm blankets to comfortable spaces around your apartment. For one of the best upgrades you can make, swap out your usual cotton bedsheets for some linen or silk sheets.

Add curtains or drapes

A nice set of curtains or drapes in a soft fabric that matches your color scheme is a fantastic way to add a touch of class to your decor. While curtains may not seem like a big deal, it’s sometimes worth splurging for something nicer.

Opt for floor-length curtains in linen or a linen blend, which will be stylish, durable, and resistant to fading from sunlight. For your bedroom, consider a set of blackout curtains or heavy drapes, especially if your room receives too much sunlight in the mornings.

Nailing the romantic color scheme

Your color scheme is an essential element of your apartment decor, and it’s one place where it’s easy to go wrong. When pursuing a romantic aesthetic, you can easily make things look tacky by using too many vivid colors.

The key here is to use bold, warm colors like reds, purples, and maroon as accent colors, not the base of your color scheme. Your primary colors should be an array of neutrals that will pair well with more “romantic” colors. Walls and most large pieces of furniture should be neutral, but use your accent colors for bedding, decorative pillows, paintings, and smaller pieces of furniture.

Choose what’s comfortable for you

At its core, romantic decor is about putting together a space that feels comfortable and vibrant to you, so the most important element is your personal taste. All these guidelines are general rules of thumb, not hard and fast standards. Want to go all out with bold, exciting lighting or furniture in bright reds and purples? Go for it. In the end, the decorations that are most “romantic” for you will be those that let you feel comfortable and relaxed in your apartment.

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