5 Fun Ways to Use Colorful Lights in Your First Apartment

Colorful lights are a unique decorative element that can help your first apartment stand out from the rest. It can be tricky to incorporate these lights without them looking tacky though, so it’s important to have a good plan for smart usage. Read on below for five great ways to use colorful lights in your first apartment.

Using colorful light bulbs in existing fixtures

The simplest way to incorporate colorful light into your first apartment decorating scheme is to incorporate colorful light bulbs within your existing light fixtures. Light bulbs can be purchased in many different colors or, even better, as customizable “smart bulbs.”. These light bulbs will let you adjust the color of the light to perfectly fit the decorations and feel of whichever room you use them in.

LED strip lights

LED strip lights are a popular way to give your apartment a high-tech feel without breaking the bank. These lights can be controlled with a remote or through an app and can be set to different colors to fit the mood and atmosphere of the room at any given time.

To make your LED strip lights even sleeker, consider connecting them to a smart home system or virtual assistant device. This will let you turn your lights on and off at will with your voice, an addition to your futuristic techy aesthetic.

A relaxing outdoor space

Colorful lights can be the perfect tool to help you turn your apartment patio or balcony into a relaxing, serene outdoor space. Simple blue, green, or pink lights can cast a gentler glow on the area than bright white lights, which is especially nice if you enjoy spending time outside at night.

Try hanging colorful string lights around your apartment outdoor space, either by hanging them around the existing structure or by adding strategically placed hooks or light poles to create a frame. Certain colored lights can even help repel mosquitoes and other pests from your outdoor oasis.

Colorful light in decorations

Colorful light bulbs aren’t the only way to integrate colorful light into your apartment, as you could also add pieces of wall decor that shine colorful light. Neon signs are a great addition to certain styles of apartment decor, especially for a man cave or entertainment room. Additionally, there are neon signs available that fit many different themes.

LED wall panels are another great wall decoration that can shine colorful light around your apartment while also presenting flexibility for different design styles. Much like LED light strips, light panels can often be switched among a set of different bright colors, and some can even be set to any RGB value of your choice through an app.

Colored lamp shades and curtains

If you want to shine some colored light around your apartment without fully committing to the look by buying colorful bulbs, buying lamp shades and curtains that change the hue of your existing lights can be a great option. Curtains and lamp shades in a bright color combined with white light can help shine a gentler hue around your apartment and don’t feel nearly as dramatic as vividly colorful light bulbs.

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