4 Fun Ways to Use String Lights in Your First Apartment

String lights can be one of the best decorations to add light and a decorative flair to your first apartment. With so many ways to hang string lights, however, which one should you choose? Read on below for four of the best ways to hang string lights and elevate your first apartment.

Across the ceiling

Some apartments don’t come with ceiling lights and require you to light the place your own way, so string lights can be a perfect way to go. One easy way to do this is to buy a pack of screw-in hooks from your local hardware store, and then screw them into the ceiling at intervals. If your apartment has curtain rods above the windows, existing hooks in the ceiling, or any other features on the ceiling or high on the walls, use these to your advantage.

For a more uniform look, try to measure and mark spots for each hook before hanging the lights. A good rule of thumb is to measure the length of your room and divide it by four, then use that number to make your intervals on each side of the room. This way you’ll have four hooks on each side and can evenly space your lights.

Wall decorations

String lights are also a perfect way to decorate an accent wall or add a flair to the walls in your bedroom. You can hang these with nails or screw-in hooks if you’d like, but adhesive strips will give you the most flexibility to switch things up later.

If you’re not sure how you’d like to hang your lights, simply hang one strand on each wall of your bedroom, with the ends in the corners near the ceiling. This will help the lights evenly light your room. Alternatively, you could hang a strand on one wall to highlight pictures, posters, or another wall decoration.

To light up your balcony or patio

If your apartment has a balcony, deck, or patio, try hanging string lights to make your own outdoor oasis. This works best if you have a deck or other covering above your outdoor space, but there are creative ways to hang lights either way.

If you have no existing supports you could hang your string lights off of, string light poles are built especially to do the job. These poles can be purchased affordably from your local home goods store or online and can either stick into the dirt or be placed flat on the ground.

Fancify your dining area

One of the rooms of your apartment best suited for the string light treatment is the dining room. By hanging simple lights from wall to wall or across the ceiling in your dining room, you’ll give it a perfect touch of class and elegance.

There are a variety of string lights out there to fit any decorating style, so pick something that looks good to you! If you aren’t a fan of the simple, minimalist style, try hanging Edison bulbs or even some colored lights to fit whatever aesthetic you want.

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