How Often Should You Clean Each Room in Your First Apartment?

It’s important to develop a good cleaning schedule when moving into your first apartment, but how often do you need to clean each room? Read on below to find out how often you should clean your bedroom, bathroom, and everywhere else, and what common tasks you should make sure to take care of.


Since you get ready for the day and keep all your clothes in your bedroom, it’s easy for your room to quickly become messy. Ideally, you should clean your bedroom every day by consistently putting things in their proper place so you don’t have to devote a large block of time to deep cleaning.

Consider implementing the “one touch rule” and dealing with cleaning tasks immediately when they become noticeable instead of putting them off. You might realize that you often throw things to the side or on the ground when you could just as easily put them where they should actually go.


Of all the rooms in your apartment, the kitchen is the most important to keep clean daily. Over time, a messy kitchen can attract bugs and rodents and develop mold and bad smells. Additionally, since you prepare food and eat in your kitchen, you should want it to be the cleanest part of your apartment.

The most important kitchen cleaning tasks to take care of daily are washing the dishes, cleaning the counters, and putting away any food. On a weekly or twice-weekly basis, you should also sweep the floors and inspect the refrigerator for any food that’s gone bad.

Living room

Unless you often have guests over, odds are you won’t need to clean your living room as much as other areas of the house. The majority of living room cleaning tasks, such as sweeping or vacuuming, dusting, or major cleaning, really only need to be done every few weeks or every month.

With a few simple tasks every day or a few times a week, you can keep your living room looking well-organized for long periods of time without a big cleaning session. Try to straighten up your couch cushions and furniture whenever you notice something off, keep dirty dishes out of your living room, and have a dedicated place for your keys, wallet, and anything else you’re otherwise likely to leave out.


Bathroom cleaning tasks are crucial to keeping your apartment looking and smelling nice, and most should be done once or twice a week. These weekly cleaning sessions should typically include wiping down the mirror, spraying any hair or anything else off the inside of the shower, taking out the trash, cleaning the toilet and sink, and sweeping the floor.

Entryway and hallways

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you regularly take time to clean your in-between areas like the entryway and hallways. The entryway can get messy quickly, so invest in a coat rack or shoe stand to easily put things away right when you get home. For your hallways, once a week, just take time to sweep and clean up anything that might be left on the floor.

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