5 Decor Ideas for a Nautical-Theme First Apartment

From minimalism to chic to boho, there are plenty of decorating styles you could embrace when decorating your first apartment, but what if you want to choose a specific theme? The ocean is a common inspiration in interior design, and an ocean-themed first apartment can be a great way to go. Read on below for five great decor ideas for your nautical-themed first apartment.

A fish tank

The first, most obvious piece of nautical-themed decor is a fish tank! Nothing makes your apartment feel more like the ocean than bringing a little piece of the ocean inside. 

After purchasing a fish tank, choose a theme for your tank. This will influence how you decorate the tank, as well as what types of fish you put in it.

Once you’ve picked a decorating theme for your fish tank and found some decorations, choose whether you want a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater fish tank. Choose fish that look great with your decorating style and can survive in your chosen water type, and you’re good to go! Just remember to feed your fish and filter the water.

Blue and white stripes

Blue and white stripes are the most essential element of a nautical decorating scheme and can be used in a variety of ways. The easiest method is to pick up a striped rug in a shade of blue that complements your furniture. If you’re allowed to paint your walls, you could consider painting a room white and having blue stripes on one wall for an accent.

To add a nautical theme to your deck or patio, look for outdoor furniture with a blue and white striped cloth. This works especially well if your apartment has a view of a water feature!

Weathered wood furniture and picture frames

While it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of nautical decor, weathered wood is a great way to emphasize the aesthetic. Old wood can subtly remind people of a dock or an old boat and tie your other decorations together without being obnoxious.

Wood that’s aged naturally can often be rough and full of splinters, but luckily, plenty of designers make furniture and decorations that look weathered without the hazards. Weathered wood is a perfect material for a kitchen or coffee table, nightstand, or TV stand.

Warm and inviting

A nautical-themed apartment should feel warm and inviting, and your decorations and furniture should be comfortable and homey. Aside from the obvious blues, your color scheme should mostly consist of warm neutrals like tan, brown, and gold. This will help add to the feeling of being on a beach or a boat on a summer day.

Embrace the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic

One way to get a nautical theme in your first apartment is to embrace the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic, a style that’s recently been trending on social media. To get the look, use ornate vintage rugs, lamps, and jars to give your apartment an old-school lived-in feel. Thrift shops and garage sales will be your best friend when going for this style.

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