Pros and Cons: Floor to Ceiling Windows in Your First Apartment


One feature you might be interested in when looking for a first apartment is a set of floor-to-ceiling windows. This upscale feature can add light and the illusion of more space to your apartment, but is it worth it for you? Read on below for some of the pros and cons of floor-to-ceiling windows in your first apartment.


Lots of natural light

The most obvious benefit of floor-to-ceiling windows is that they add lots of natural light to your apartment. Natural light tends to be more flattering on you and your apartment decor than artificial light, and it’s good for you to be exposed to natural light throughout the day. Be sure to consider which direction your windows are facing before you sign a contract, as some directions or surroundings could keep your windows from getting much light.

Looks more expensive

Floor-to-ceiling windows can also make your apartment look more expensive. Increased natural light, the illusion of more space, and simply the fact that people know large windows are expensive can elevate the look and feel of your apartment. If you decorate right, your windows can give your apartment the feeling of a luxury penthouse instead of a starter apartment.

A view of outside

Especially if you live in a big city or somewhere else with interesting surroundings, the expanded view of the world outside your apartment provided by floor-to-ceiling windows can be a huge bonus. A view of the outside is an especially nice feature if you work in a remote or hybrid position, as you can set up your desk facing a window for a relaxing view.


Less privacy

One downside of having floor-to-ceiling windows in your apartment is that they make privacy more difficult, as more window space makes it easier for people to see into your apartment. Consider buying large shades or curtains to cover the windows when you want, so that you can always have the choice between having natural light and having better privacy.

Take more time to clean

Windows need to be cleaned more often than walls, so increasing the window space in your apartment will increase the amount of time spent cleaning them. Whereas walls can get plenty of fingerprints and bits of dirt on them before they even look dirty, windows show every little bit of dirt on them, so you’ll want to clean yours regularly. If your apartment is in a tall building, your landlord may pay for the outside of your windows to be washed regularly.

Can make heating and cooling more expensive

While, as a renter, at least you don’t have to pay to have the windows installed, that doesn’t mean they won’t cost you money. Windows always let some amount of air from outside in, even if they’re closed, so having large windows in your apartment can add to your heating and cooling bills. This will affect you even more if you like having your windows open sometimes.

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