How to Create a Cozy Reading Nook in Your First Apartment

When decorating your first apartment, it can be difficult to know what to do with your space, especially if you live alone or in an apartment that’s bigger than what you need. If you’re an avid bookworm, you might want to set up a reading nook as a great space to relax and recharge when you’re home. Read on below for some great tips to create a cozy reading nook in your first apartment!

Find the right space

Your first step will be to find the right space for your reading nook, as different areas of your apartment have different advantages. Have a large apartment all to yourself? You’ll have plenty of space to make your reading nook in the living room or an extra bedroom. Living with roommates and want some privacy? It’ll be better to set up your reading nook in your bedroom, or even a walk-in closet if you have one.

If you have a balcony or back porch and enjoy being outside, you can set up your reading nook outside! With the right furniture and decor, your backyard reading nook can be the perfect spot to relax.

Comfy seating

The most important factor in a great reading nook is the seating, so it’s worth spending some money to make sure you like what you have. The most common option is a simple and comfortable loveseat or recliner, but there are a variety of other options for your comfort needs and decorating style.

If you’re allowed to put holes in your walls or ceiling, consider installing a hanging chair or even a hammock. Going for boho or another eclectic decorating style? Try a brightly colored or patterned pouf or beanbag.

Relaxing sounds or smells

Reading is a perfect way to stay relaxed as a busy student or professional, so surrounding yourself with other comforting and relaxing things is a great way to level up your book nook. Comforting smells will always help your mind be at ease, so consider investing in some candles you love or an essential oil diffuser to make your book nook smell nice.

Relaxing music or white noise can also help improve the atmosphere of your book nook, so look into getting some nice speakers, a smart speaker, or even a vinyl record player for the area. The best music for focus and relaxation is music without words, so give instrumental jazz, classical, or lo-fi hip-hop music a try.


If you’re an avid reader, there’s a good chance you have a collection of books already, and your book nook is the best place to store them. Set up some bookshelves in the space if you have room, or consider other space-saving storage options like an ottoman with storage space inside.

You can even get creative and experiment with book-themed decorations, and if you’re up for a DIY project, try using some of your old books as a set of unique shelves for holding your other ones.

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