5 Types of Pillows for Your First Apartment

Setting up your bedroom is one of the best parts of moving into your first apartment, and priming your room for the best sleep possible is always a worthwhile pursuit. Upgrading your pillow is one easy way to do this, but what kind of pillow should you get? Read on below to learn all about five great types of pillows for your first apartment.

Memory foam pillows

Memory foam is a fantastic material that contours to your body or head to become the perfect fit for you. This is a popular option for mattresses, but if you don’t want to spend upwards of $1,000 for a new mattress, a memory foam pillow is a great buy as well.

These pillows tend to be somewhat firm, so they’re typically best for back sleepers who don’t have to worry as much about neck problems. If you sleep on your side or stomach but you want a memory foam pillow, you might want to consider the next option.

Chopped memory foam pillows

If you don’t like the overly structured and firm feel of a typical memory foam pillow but you love the material, a chopped memory foam pillow might be your best bet. These pillows contain many small pieces of memory foam, which gives them the shape-changing properties of memory foam while making them much softer and gentler for different sleeping positions.

Down pillows

One of the most common types of pillows, down pillows are filled with soft fibers from ducks or geese, which makes them incredibly soft and cushioned. These pillows provide great support for your head and neck, and they are super durable. This means they can often last five to 10 years.

One disadvantage to down pillows is that they tend to retain heat very well, so they can absorb your body heat through the night and make it difficult to cool off. Memory foam pillows, by contrast, can stay cooler all through the night.

Feather pillows

Right now you’re probably wondering, “aren’t down pillows feather pillows?” Technically yes, down pillows are filled with feathers, but down pillows and feather pillows are two different things. While the feathers in down pillows come from the soft underside of a duck or goose, the feathers for feather pillows are longer and more firm.

This results in a pillow that’s still very soft but more solid than a typical down pillow. Feather pillows are also a cheaper option than down pillows, which makes them a great choice if you want the softness without the hefty price tag.

Cotton pillows

If you just want something simple, inexpensive, and comfortable, cotton pillows are always a reliable option. Cotton pillows are hypoallergenic, which makes them a good alternative to down or feather pillows if you often have allergic reactions. The downside to cotton pillows is that they don’t contour to your head as well as memory foam or a down pillow, and they can become lumpy and misshapen over time.

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