Why Are So Many Apartment Walls Off-White?

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or just preparing to look for a new one, you’ve probably noticed that just about every apartment has one thing in common: off-white paint. Why is this color such a popular choice for landlords, and what color should you paint your apartment if you want to change it? Read on below to find out.

Neutral for different renters

One simple reason landlords tend to paint apartments off-white is that it’s a simple, neutral color that will be suitable for most renters. Landlords don’t want to have to put down a new coat of paint after every time a tenant moves out, so sticking with a solid neutral is a great way to go.

While it might be annoying at first seeing off-white in every single apartment you ever rent, it can be a good thing for you as a renter too! Off-white works with pretty much every single decorating style and piece of furniture, so you won’t have to change your style to fit the feel of your apartment.

Easy to clean

Most landlords’ primary concern is saving money, and one big expense is cleaning fees when tenants move out. Landlords often choose a warm off-white because it tends to hide dirt better than a stark white or another cool color.

Not only is your apartment paint probably off-white, odds are it’s a somewhat shiny semi-gloss too. Semi-gloss paint is smooth and easy to wipe down, which makes it a breeze for landlords to clean when tenants move out. Instead of having to apply new coats of paint to cover up scratches or stains, they can often just use a wet rag to wipe everything down.

Less expensive

Not only does off-white paint make for walls that are easier to clean, but it also tends to be less expensive to buy in the first place. Most paint colors start white or off-white and have pigments added to them, so simple white or off-white paints are usually the cheapest option.

How to choose new paint colors

What if you’re tired of the same old apartment off-white look and want something a little more personal? One great way to pick new paint colors is to use color psychology to pick the best colors for your personality. Make sure that your lease allows you to paint your apartment before you get started.

The color red is typically associated with energy, passion, and strength, and it can be a great option for a room color or accent wall if you’re a fierce and determined type of person. Being surrounded by red is said to boost your metabolism, and it can add an interesting edge to your apartment.

Blue is a great color if you want to stay somewhat neutral with your apartment while still adding your own unique feel. There’s a different blue for many different types of personalities and decorating styles, from baby blue to sky blue to navy.

Greens, browns, and soft yellows can be perfect if you like your apartment to feel natural and connected with the earth. These serve as a perfect backdrop for live or fake plants and can make your apartment feel more like the outdoors. Green is also considered to be a very therapeutic color and can help you feel calm and relaxed in your space.

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