What Are Apartment Moldings?

One thing common to many first-time renters is trying to make your apartment look more expensive than it actually is. From large mirrors to tasteful and complementary furniture choices, there are many ways to take your apartment up a notch, and one of them is to use moldings. What are apartment moldings and how can you use them? Read on below to find out!

What are apartment moldings?

The term “molding” includes all types of decorative trim pieces that line the edges of doors and windows, run across the tops and bottoms of walls, and create ornamental panels on the walls.

One type of molding that’s becoming popular recently is picture frame-style molding panels that add detail to a plain wall. These can take away from the monotony of a basic apartment and create an eye-catching feature that none of your friends will likely have.

What is the purpose of apartment moldings?

When living in an apartment, you often aren’t able to modify much of your space. With a home, you could install whatever kind of molding you like, but few landlords will let you do it in a rented unit. That’s where specially made apartment moldings come in. These panels hang from the wall similarly to a picture frame, adding a decorative flair to turn your boring, flat walls into a much classier look.

A large molding panel or two can break up the surface of a wall without being as distracting as a picture or poster. Especially if you’re going for a refined, high-class look, this is a great simple decoration that goes a long way.

How do you use apartment moldings?

Premade apartment molding panels are super simple, and they typically just include two D-rings on the back that you can use to hang them up. To be sure you hang your moldings straight, use a level and a measuring tape to make two markings that are level with each other and far enough apart for the D-rings to hang on. Use drywall screws or drywall anchors to hang your apartment molding, or you could even use command strips, depending on the weight of the molding.

Can you make your own apartment moldings?

The one downside to apartment moldings is that they can be fairly expensive, with some options as expensive as $400 per panel. Luckily, if you don’t want to shell out that much money for a simple decorative feature, there are multiple ways you can make your own.

One way to make a simple hanging molding panel is to take a large fiberboard and nail trim around the sides of it. You can paint the molding the same color as your apartment walls or in a contrasting color.

For an even simpler option, you can experiment with hanging molding boards tacked together without the fiberboard. This is a very versatile option, and you can use everything from mounting tape to screws or command strips to hang the boards, based on your personal preferences and the rules in your lease.

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