How to Clean and Protect Outdoor Furniture

Buying a nice set of patio furniture is a great way to upgrade your first apartment setup and create more space for hosting guests. Outdoor furniture tends to get dirty, however, and over time, dust and dirt can cause permanent stains and fade the color of your furniture. Want some great tips to clean and protect your outdoor furniture? Read on below.

Invest in a protective covering

The easiest way to protect your outdoor furniture is simply to cover it with something else when you’re not using it. There are plenty of options to fit the size and shape of different pieces of furniture, so just find one that works for you in a dense polyester weave or another durable fabric.

Having a protective covering won’t help you if you don’t use it, so be sure to get in the habit of covering up your furniture whenever you leave the patio. It can also help to purchase a large outdoor storage box to keep the coverings in when you’re on the patio so they don’t take up space.

Use a stain repellant spray

If you don’t like the idea of covering your furniture up or you can’t find a cover you like, another option is to use a protective spray. Water repellant spray can keep rain and mud from discoloring and fading your outdoor furniture over time, not to mention keeping your furniture safe from any spills at your apartment parties.

Use outdoor drapes or shades

If your outdoor furniture is on a covered patio, consider investing in some heavy outdoor drapes or shades to keep the elements off the patio when you’re not using it. To install drapes, you’ll need to hang a bar from the balcony covering your patio and run the drapes along the length of the bar. Be sure to think about how you’ll pull the drapes back when you’re on the patio. You might need to install a hook or another mechanism to hold them to the side.

Shades will similarly need to be hung from the balcony above you, but since they can be raised straight up and down, you won’t need anything to hold them back when you’re on the patio. Look for shades in a nice heavy material that will hold up against storms.

Clean regularly

Whether you’re using a cover, stain repellant, or no protection at all, regular cleaning can help your outdoor furniture look good for longer. One way to do this is simply to vacuum your furniture regularly, being sure to use the hose attachment to clear the corners and cracks of your furniture of spiders or insects.

Another great way to keep your outdoor furniture clean is to use a portable blower. You can find a compact workshop blower at your local hardware or home improvement store, and simply use it to blow any dust, dirt, leaves, or bugs off of your outdoor furniture once or twice a week.

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