5 Hot TikTok Apartment Design Trends

Over the last few years, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps. It features everything from dancing to recipes to sports highlights. One great part of TikTok is the interior design space, and there are many influencers and designers sharing the latest looks and trends to help you keep your apartment looking stylish. Want to know what the hottest TikTok apartment design trends are right now? Read on below.

Tasteful clutter

While minimalism was all the rage for the last few years, it’s clearly on its way out now. While trends aren’t shifting quite back to the “maximalism” of a few years ago, tasteful clutter seems like a good way to describe the current trend.

Maybe due to all the time people spent in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have realized that to have a comfortable apartment, you actually need to have enough things, and this is evident in many recent viral TikTok design trends.

Complementary but non-matching pieces

Another big trend on TikTok right now is a great way to make your apartment look more expensive for cheap. The trick is to stay away from pieces that are perfectly matching, and instead mix and match complementary furniture items of different styles for a refined and unique look.

In one video, TikToker Julie Sousa shows how using different chairs than the ones that were intended for your dining table can add a tasteful elegance to your apartment and give the illusion of more expensive decorating.

High texture

While the minimalist style of the past was all about smooth edges and hard lines, this year’s TikTok trends are embracing high texture and interesting surfaces. One great way to get the look is with textured walls, and everything from textured drywall to interior brick and wood will fit in perfectly.

High texture doesn’t just apply to walls, though. It’s a great look and feel for fabrics as well. An easy and cheap apartment upgrade is to invest in some mohair or natural leather pillows for your couch or bed to add some interesting texture beyond your traditional cotton or linen. Fuzzy blankets in an accent color are another great element.

Rounded furniture

Comfort is in style in 2022, and soft furniture with rounded edges is one of the most popular trends. Want to take soft, rounded furniture to the next level? Buy furniture that’s circular! Circles don’t work for just side tables and ottomans – many interior design influencers on TikTok have shared videos of comfy circular chairs as well.

The “Coastal Grandmother” aesthetic

One major trend that’s been taking over TikTok recently is the “Coastal Grandmother” aesthetic. This retro style embodies the look of your grandma or great aunt who lives on the West Coast. It features vintage and antique pieces, ocean-themed decor, and elaborate rugs. This is a great way to add a unique flair to your apartment and create a look that makes you feel like you live by the ocean. 

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