5 Cool Ways to Use Corners in Your First Apartment

First apartments are often small and lack detail, so it’s important to use every available space to add functionality and visual interest. The corners of your apartment might be easy to forget about, but they can help you add storage and seating space, decorative flair, and a sense of a completed apartment setup. Read on below for five cool ways to use corners in your first apartment.

Added storage space

Corners are an often-overlooked space where you can add additional storage to your first apartment. Corner shelves are a great way to do this, and you can buy them in shapes that fit perfectly and maximize your storage space. These shelves are perfect for books, board games, or even food or dishes in the kitchen or dining room.

Decorative accent

Corners are also a perfect place to add an attractive accent piece or color to your apartment. Something as simple as painting a corner in an accent color or adding an interesting piece of art can spice up your apartment’s feel. The best decorative pieces for corners are tall and thin, like a tall vase or lamp.

While corners can be great for accents, what if you don’t want them to be the focal point? Simple and understated decorations in corners can lend balance to a room or wall where the focus is in the center. You can use a small side table in a corner with decorations or antiques on top of it to display smaller items in an aesthetic way.

Floor mirrors

To give your apartment the illusion of extra space and light, place a floor mirror in one corner. This is perfect for a bedroom if you want a long mirror to check your daily outfits. Be sure to choose a mirror that fits your decorative style, or when in doubt, just go for a simple mirror with a dark wood frame. For the most stable choice, choose a floor mirror with its own legs instead of one that leans on the wall.

Extra seating

When looking to make a small first apartment a good place for hosting friends, it’s important to use as much of your space as possible. Corners are a perfect place to add functional and interesting seating such as hanging chairs, poufs, or rocking chairs.

In your living room, you could consider pushing your couch all the way back into a corner to maximize your available floor space. Your guests will thank you when there’s enough space for everyone to sit at your next apartment party!

Live plants

The unpredictable shape of live plants means they’re often an awkward fit for the center or sides of your room, but placing them in the corner can mask that and let you display only the best-looking side of the plants. This works best in a corner with or near a window, but there are many plants that don’t require sunlight, and they’ll work just as well.

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