What’s the Right Rug Size and Shape for Your Apartment?

Once you’ve settled into your first apartment and started decorating, one great upgrade you can make for added style and comfort is a great area rug. A tasteful rug can help bring a room together and make your furniture and decor feel more unified, but a rug that’s too small or too large can make the space feel awkward or cramped. How do you choose the right rug size and shape for your apartment? Read on below to find out!

Measure your space first

When shopping for a rug, it’s important to know the exact dimensions of the room you’ll be putting it in to make sure everything fits. On a piece of paper, draw a rough outline of the shape of your room, and then take measurements while writing the numbers on your paper. Be sure to take this paper with you when you go rug shopping.

Make sure you measure the size of any large pieces of furniture or decoration in the room as well so you’ll know what you need to work around. 

What shape should you choose?

There are a variety of unique rugs out there, but most of them are either rectangular, square, circular, or oval. Each of these shapes has its own use, and which one you choose can change the feel of your room.

If you want to cover most of the hard flooring in a room to add some comfort to a bedroom or living room, a large rectangular area rug will most likely be your best option. If you like the flooring in your apartment and want to show it off, it can be better to go with a round rug that leaves more of the floor exposed.

Choose dimensions before shopping

Looking at the size of your room and the rug shape you’ve chosen, choose a range of dimensions that will work for you before you go shopping. If your rug comes too close to the walls, it can just look like the whole room is carpeted and eliminate the eye-catching contrast of the rug on top of your flooring.

Pick minimum and maximum dimensions in each direction that’ll work for your rug, and decide whether you want one that’s closer to a circle or square or one that’s longer in one direction.

Pick the right material and pattern

Choosing the rug space isn’t the only part of buying a rug, and once you’ve finished figuring out your ideal rug space, it’s time to choose a material and pattern. If your rug will be going in a high-traffic area of your apartment, you’ll want to choose a durable material like wool or nylon. Otherwise, you can go for a more stylish but less durable material like silk.

A rug is a great way to add a subtle pattern to your apartment decor, so make sure you choose one that matches your decorating theme. From boho to California chic, there’s a great rug out there for every decorating style.

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