What Is California Chic in Home Decor?

When decorating your first apartment on a budget, it can be hard to find a look that strikes a good balance between style and comfort. One decorating style that does this perfectly, however, is California Chic. What is California Chic, and how can you get the look in your first apartment? Read on below to find out!

What is California Chic home decor?

California Chic is a popular aesthetic popularized by wealthy and upper-middle-class people on the West Coast. The look is classy and sophisticated but not too stuffy for a house on the beach. California Chic decor uses lots of coastal imagery, repurposed antiques, and neutral colors to create a look that feels light and breezy.

Balanced between laid-back and elegant

The California Chic decorating style is perfect if you want a look that’s comfortable and casual while still being elegant and stylish. Think sunny days, relaxing on the beach, and a feeling of rest and relaxation. If that’s what you want your apartment to feel like, this might be the perfect decor style for you!

With a California Chic decorating style in your apartment, you’ll feel just as comfortable having a relaxing day at home as you will having guests over for a nice meal.

Natural, often coast-themed look

Much like the recently trending “Coastal Grandmother” aesthetic, California Chic incorporates natural colors and textures that remind you of the beach. It’s best to stay away from synthetic materials in this decorating style, and it helps to use obviously natural materials such as woven seagrass, wicker, and wood in natural finishes.

An easy way to take your apartment’s look from “chic” to “California Chic” is to include pictures of the beach or memorabilia from trips to the coast. Seashells, sand dollars, and jars of sand can all help add the coastal feel you’re looking for here.

Putting a modern twist on antiques

One area where California Chic decor shines is in turning antique furniture into something new. Vintage tables, barstools, and sideboards can be repainted in bright colors or given new hardware to turn them into classy and unique pieces.

Antique rugs are another fantastic inclusion to a California Chic decorating scheme, and you can often find them at a good price too! Overall, vintage pieces that might have been more expensive originally are a great way to give your apartment a timeless elegance.

Light neutral colors

Like many other modern decorating styles, California Chic works best with light neutral colors that provide a simple backdrop for whatever unique furniture and decor you want to include. Warm whites, cream, and light tan are all perfect options. Try to stay away from stark whites and other colors with a cool tone.

Light neutrals aren’t only used for walls, and they can be perfect for furniture and decor as well. Wood furniture in a light natural stain and furniture made from wicker are both great ways to add some functional furniture to your apartment while keeping a stylish and versatile color palette.

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