How to Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawers tend to become a catch-all for things you don’t have a place for. Over time, this can lead to your drawers becoming increasingly cluttered and make it difficult to find things you need. Read on below for the best tips on how to organize your kitchen drawers so you won’t have to declutter as often.

Use organizers

One easy way to keep your kitchen drawers nice and neat is to use organizing trays. They can help break up drawers into manageable compartments that you can designate for certain things.

You probably already use an organizing tray for your silverware, but there are a variety of organizers that are perfect for holding spatulas, measuring cups, and all sorts of other things. There are even great organizers out there for keeping spice and seasoning containers in a drawer.

Designated drawers

The most important step to keeping your kitchen drawers organized is to designate each drawer for certain items. This will help you develop a specific organizing strategy for each drawer and make it easy to find things.

Make sure you have designated drawers for silverware, other kitchen utensils, kitchen towels, and disposables like foil and plastic bags. You can even consider putting plastic labels on the drawers to remind you where everything goes.

Position drawers strategically

When you’ve decided what items you’ll need designated drawers for, position each drawer strategically around the kitchen for easy access to the things inside when you need them. For example, consider putting drawers that hold dishes or silverware close to your drying rack or dishwasher so you can easily put clean dishes away.

If you keep your keys or other everyday items in the kitchen, position them in a drawer that’s easy to get to and close to the front door so you can grab them quickly when you’re in a hurry. Consider keeping your drawers that hold hot pads or oven mitts close to the oven.

Skip the junk drawer

One drawer you’ll be better off without is the junk drawer. As the name suggests, a junk drawer tends to fill up with stuff you’ll never actually need or use, so it’s better to just throw these things in the trash in the first place.

If there’s anything you find you don’t have a place for, simply designate a spot for it in a drawer that contains similar items. This will keep your kitchen much more organized in the long term than using a junk drawer.

Use deep drawers to your advantage

Most kitchens come with a few drawers that are extra deep, and these can be super useful for holding stackable items, especially if you don’t have enough cabinet space. Small pots can be stacked inside larger ones, and reusable containers or dishes can be stacked with items of the same type. Try not to keep items that aren’t stackable in deep drawers, because it can be easy to lose things at the bottom if you keep a variety of things in there.

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