Are Portable Washing Machines Worth It in Your First Apartment?

One question you should be asking when looking at first apartment options is, “is there a washer and dryer?” If the answer is no, you’ll need to find another way to keep your clothes clean. Laundromats and on-site laundry facilities can be expensive and a hassle, but luckily there’s another option: a portable washing machine. Read on below to learn all about portable washing machines and whether one is worth it in your first apartment.

How does a portable washing machine work?

A portable washing machine is a small unit that can typically wash a load of between one and three cubic feet of laundry at a time. The machine has two hoses: one that connects to a sink faucet for water, and one that goes into the sink basin to drain the water out.

Benefits of a portable washing machine

The primary benefit of a portable washing machine is right in the name – it’s portable! This means that even without a washer and dryer hookup in your apartment, you can have full washing machine functionality. You might need to wash smaller loads and do laundry more often, but you won’t need to make those annoying trips to the local laundromat.

Downsides of a portable washing machine

One potential downside of a portable washing machine is that it takes up space in a small apartment. Many apartments don’t come with a washing machine because they don’t have enough storage space for one to fit, so using a portable washing machine can be an unrealistic option in some cases.

Additionally, you won’t be able to use your sink while the washing machine is running. It shouldn’t be too difficult to plan ahead for this, but just keep in mind that your sink will be out of commission for up to an hour every time you run your portable washing machine.

How much does a portable washing machine cost?

If your other option is doing laundry at a laundromat or on-site laundry facilities in your apartment complex, using a portable washing machine can be a good investment. Portable washing machines typically range from $200-$400 but can be found for as low as $60.

Laundromats can sometimes charge up to $9 per load of laundry, which can add up quickly, making a portable washing machine a good idea. Some are much cheaper, however, so be sure to check what your other options are before buying a portable washing machine.

The verdict

In conclusion, a portable washing machine is a great option in some circumstances. If your local laundromat or on-site facilities are expensive or inconvenient, a portable washing machine can be a good investment.

The upfront cost might be intimidating, but when compared with week after week of paying to do your laundry somewhere else, this can be a great way to save money. And if you move to a new apartment, your portable washing machine can just come with you, so you won’t have to worry about laundry again.

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