4 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day with Friends in Your First Apartment

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and it’s a perfect time for a first-time renter like yourself to try hosting your first party. The theme and decorating scheme is already set, and there are plenty of tried and true food recipes out there, so Memorial Day is a great time to plan a simple but super fun celebration with friends in your first apartment. Read on below for four great ways to start!

Patriotic decorations

The first step to any great celebration is decorating, and Memorial Day is no different. Thankfully, decorating is much easier in a small apartment as you have less space to deal with.

During this time of year, you can usually find plenty of patriotic decorations at the grocery store or the dollar store, or you can simply break out anything red, white, and blue that you already have. If you can find an American flag to decorate with, that’ll make a perfect finishing touch.

Reach out to a member of the military

To celebrate Memorial Day by honoring our armed forces, join with your friends in reaching out to a current or former member of the military. If any of you have a friend or family member in the military, this is the perfect time to give them a call or write them a letter.

Sending a care package to a soldier is another great way to show your respect and support, and even if you don’t know anyone who’s currently serving, you can donate a package that’ll be given to a soldier who needs it. Ask each of your friends to bring something to add, and finish it off with a patriotic card thanking the soldier for their service.

Memorial Day barbecue

For a perfect traditional Memorial Day celebration, a barbecue with friends really can’t be beat. An apartment backyard bash is the perfect way to start the summer, too, and Memorial Day is a great time. You can cook a classic barbecue meal like grilled chicken or hot dogs, or you can switch it up with seafood or a vegan barbecue if that’s more your style.

Even if you have a small apartment with no backyard, you can still host a great Memorial Day barbecue. Be sure to plan ahead and be mindful of how many people you invite, and don’t be afraid to ask your friends to bring food items or help you cook.

Red, white, and blue desserts

To add some patriotic fun to your Memorial Day barbecue, try some unique red, white, and blue desserts. You could try making some patriotic cheesecake parfaits or a berry trifle, or just add blueberries and strawberries as a topping to your favorite dessert.

If you want a super simple recipe that gets the job done and adds to the theme, just bake some cupcakes from a store-bought cake mix and add some red, white, and blue frosting. Patriotic sprinkles are another great addition as well.

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