What Is the Viral “Coastal Grandmother” Apartment Aesthetic Trend?

TikToker Lex Nicoleta has recently popularized the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic, which has taken over TikTok in the last few weeks. But you don’t need to live on the coast or be a grandmother to get this look! Here are some things you can do in your apartment to get the aesthetic for yourself.

What’s the look?

The “coastal grandmother” look is exactly what it sounds like: an aesthetic based on a coastal grandma. The theme is going viral and includes everything from fashion to lifestyle, but one place where it really shines is in decor.

Some features of the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic are ornate decorations and finishes, ocean-themed decorations, tastefully cluttered spaces, and light neutral colors. Use a little bit of each in your apartment decoration scheme and you’ll feel like grandma in no time!

Ornate decorations and light fixtures

An easy way to step into the coastal grandmother aesthetic is with ornate ginger jars. These over-the-top jars perfectly display the “grandmother” aesthetic, and in a light blue or yellow color, they can add to the coastal feel.

Light fixtures are another simple thing you can spice up to better fit the aesthetic. Look for highly detailed fixtures in a brass or gold finish. You don’t need to replace a ceiling fixture if your landlord won’t allow it – a lamp or even an ornate candle stand can be a great option.

Ocean-themed decorations

One key element of the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic is right in the name: the coast! Using ocean or coast-themed decorations in your apartment is a great way to easily get the look for yourself.

This theme is a perfect opportunity to use shells, sand dollars, jars of sand, or anything you’ve gotten as a souvenir from a trip to the beach. If you don’t have many ocean-themed things, use decorations in colors that mimic what you’d see on the beach.


If there’s one thing associated with the “grandmother” style, it’s maximalism. Minimalism and reducing your possessions as much as possible have been all the rage in modern style for a few years, but this style is taking off. The “coastal grandmother” aesthetic shows that you can have lots of decorations organized in a way that still feels clean and put-together.

Just cluttering your apartment full of stuff isn’t the right way to go about it, though. Think of that kind of tasteful clutter you see in so many grandmas’ houses. There are plenty of decorations and some knickknacks, but everything fits together in a theme and looks like it should go together.

Pastels and light neutrals

A great color scheme for the “coastal grandmother” aesthetic is to use plenty of pastel colors and light neutrals. Light blue, tan, and yellow work especially well, as do soft white and cream. This whole design style should feel flowy and comfortable. If you’ve done it right, it should almost feel like you’re in a beach house!

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