What is Scandinavian in Home Decor?

Scandinavian decor is a popular decorating style that has gained traction in recent years amid the current popularity of minimalism. This design style adds a natural, open, and bright feel to a room, and it can be a great choice for first-time renters as it only takes a few pieces to pull off. 

What exactly makes up Scandinavian home decor, and how can you get the look in your own apartment? Read on below to find out.

What is Scandinavian home decor?

Scandinavian decor is a style that originates from the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in northern Europe. This style puts an emphasis on simple designs that feel light and natural. The climate and culture of Scandinavian countries give this design style a unique aesthetic.

Decorating that emphasizes light

Scandinavian home decor often features whites and light neutrals. One popular way to achieve both is to paint your walls white, or even whitewash interior brick if your landlord allows it. Including a few large, simple mirrors can help as well. These things give your apartment the illusion of having more natural light and a more open floor plan.

If your apartment has large windows, keep the blinds or curtains open whenever possible to draw in as much natural light as you can. If not, look to buy lightbulbs with a warm hue, as they’ll make the artificial light in your apartment look more like natural light.

Raw and earthy textures

Interesting textures like natural wood, leather, live or fake plants, and rough textiles can add unique flavor to a Scandinavian design. Nature is a key component of this design style, so even including art pieces that depict nature can work well.

The northern countries where this style originated are all very cold, so rough or fuzzy blankets, pillows, or other textiles can add a great touch to the look. Avoid anything in bright, artificial-looking colors, and instead, lean toward natural fabrics. Woven plant fiber and mohair in a natural color are both great materials for rugs, pillows, or other decorations.

Bold lighting

Since a key theme of this decorating style is light, bold and interesting lighting fixtures can be a great addition. Scandinavian design might not be the best style for excessively ornate fixtures or multiple smaller light fixtures, but a few large lamps in a unique style can be perfect. When you have guests over, be sure to make full use of the light in your home to help add to the Scandinavian feel.

Simplicity and minimalism

The most important part of Scandinavian home decor is keeping things as simple and minimalistic as possible. This doesn’t have to mean you use ultra-modern pieces and sharp lines, just that you keep accent pieces to a minimum so the space feels open.

Keep patterns and finishes simple and natural-looking to get the simple fusion of modern decor and old-fashioned charm that Scandinavian decor is perfect for. 

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