What is Rustic in Home Decor?

Rustic home decor has been one of the biggest trends in interior decorating for the last few years, and it seems to be here to stay. Many people are beginning to grow tired of the ultra-modern decor that was popular for a while, and rustic decor presents a comfortable and familiar style to fall back on. Read on below to learn about all the important concepts for rustic home decor and how you can implement it in your apartment.

What is rustic home decor?

Rustic home decor is a style of interior design that revolves around natural materials and comfortable and practical pieces. Rustic decor is very versatile; it can be combined with more contemporary finishes and furniture for a rustic modern look, or it can be paired with comfortable and homey items for a rustic country style.

Organic materials

One central theme you’ll see in most rustic design schemes is the use of organic materials such as natural wood and stone. While in a rented apartment you often won’t get to choose whether you have wood and stone built into the floor and walls, there are still plenty of ways you can bring the look into your space.

Opt for natural stained finishes as opposed to painted ones on any wood furniture you have. Pieces made from plant fiber, such as a natural rug, or wicker furniture are a great way to add an easy rustic touch to your apartment without breaking the bank.

Distressed and worn

Rustic decor often uses distressed and worn-out furniture and other decor to add a lived-in feel to the space. This approach offers a great way to give new life to antiques and other old pieces without needing to completely refinish them.

You can also try artificially distressing pieces to jumpstart the process and give that worn look to things that aren’t old yet. This technique works especially well for wooden furniture such as coffee tables and chairs.

Neutral and muted tones

The foundation of a great rustic apartment is a selection of neutral tones, especially for walls and large furniture items. Use tones that complement any natural wood, stone, or brick that’s already in your apartment without matching anything too closely.

You can’t go wrong with simple white finishes as a backdrop for a rustic look. Whitewashed walls or a white or light gray couch or pillows make your darker wood finishes pop out more and become the centerpiece of your decoration.

Rounded edges and soft shapes

Rustic styles emphasize comfort and typically use decor and furniture that feels soft and round as opposed to a lot of hard lines and sharp edges. They pair well with basic soft couches, round bar stools and ottomans, and a variety of different fabrics and materials that give a worn but comfortable look.

Try staying away from straight lines in a rustic decor setting, unless you’re going for a hybrid rustic modern look. Patterns and finishes that break up flat surfaces or hard lines and give them more texture can be a great addition as well.

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