Pros and Cons: Headboard vs. No Headboard

When setting up and decorating your first apartment, is it worth investing in a headboard? It’s a feature you see on most beds, and it’s not purely decorative – it actually serves some practical purposes. You might have had a headboard on your bed growing up, but is one really necessary? Read on below to find out.


Comfort when sitting up in bed

A headboard adds back and neck support when you’re sitting up in bed, which can be a big deal if you like to sit up and read or work on your computer in bed. Some headboards are padded and can be made specifically to be comfortable to rest on. Over time, leaning back on a bare wall with no support can lead to a variety of neck and back problems.

Can serve as a decoration

Like most other pieces of furniture, while a headboard’s primary function is something practical, it can be part of your decor as well. Whatever style of decor you choose for your apartment, there’s sure to be a headboard that will fit your tastes.

Keeps pillows from falling

Trim on your apartment walls can often keep you from pushing the bed all the way flush with the wall, so there tends to be an annoying gap there where pillows and other things can fall. A headboard fills this gap so you won’t have to reach your arm through that gap or crawl under the bed to retrieve something again.

Makes your room look more complete

Since it isn’t completely necessary, a headboard is a kind of finishing touch that adds a sense of completion to your decorations. Your headboard will typically be one of the last things you buy when decorating, so it makes your apartment feel more like a finished product and less like a never-ending work in progress.


Less floor space

Depending on the thickness of your headboard, it can add up to half a foot to the length of your bed. If you have plenty of space, this extra thickness shouldn’t be a big deal, but in a small bedroom or studio apartment, every square inch counts.

Costs money

When moving into your first apartment, you’re probably looking for every opportunity to save money, and while a headboard is nice to have, it’s probably not at the top of your priority list. If you’ll need to use your money sparingly when furnishing your apartment, it might be best to skip a headboard for now and use the money for something else. It’s easy to purchase a headboard and add it to your bed later if you decide you want one.

Takes up wall space

For many who enjoy a modern or minimalist style of decorating, a simple headboard can be a great way to add a sleek finishing touch to the bedroom. However, if you like having your walls covered with pictures, posters, or anything else, a headboard can take away space.

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