How to Maintain Your First Apartment Backyard

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard behind your first apartment, you’ll probably want to take some time to maintain and look after it. A backyard can add value and make your apartment more enjoyable to live in, so read on below for the best tips on how to maintain your first apartment backyard and make the most out of your space.

Take care of the lawn

In many apartments, the landlord will hire someone to handle the lawn care, but if not, it may be up to you as a tenant to maintain your lawn. You have two main options here: Pay someone to do the work or do it yourself.

Most first apartment backyards are very small, so it’s typically a good idea to handle your lawn care on your own instead of paying someone to do it. If you’re mowing your lawn yourself, consider buying a reel lawn mower to save money and space while still being able to keep your grass neatly cut.

Keeping the grass mowed is the most important step in lawn care, but if you want to take your lawn to the next level, consider the additional steps of weed whacking or fertilizing. Weed whacking can help clean up the edges of your lawn for a more neat and tidy look, and fertilizing can ensure that your grass stays green and healthy throughout the year.

Water any plants

Bushes, small trees, and other plants are a small touch that can make a big difference when it comes to making your first apartment backyard look great. If they aren’t watered and taken care of, however, they can take away from the yard instead of adding to it.

Be sure to regularly water any plants you have. The watering frequency can depend on what type of plants they are and how much rain you get in your area, but once a week is generally a good place to start. If your landlord allows it, you can also prune or trim bushes and add fertilizer to plants to help your greenery grow and fill out the yard.

Keep it tidy

Even if your yard is well-decorated and has the potential to be nice, if you don’t keep it well-organized and neat, it can quickly start looking bad. Make sure you keep trash out of your backyard and keep anything heavy off of the lawn, as over time, these items can cause dead spots in the grass. They can also just make your yard look unkempt and uncared for.

Decorate and furnish it

Having a nice-looking backyard doesn’t add much value to your apartment unless you actually use it, so it’s important to add furniture and decorations to your outdoor space to turn it into something you’ll actually use.

The most important thing here is a few pieces of versatile and durable furniture to create a comfortable sitting area where you can have friends over or eat your meals when the weather’s nice. Some simple decorations or plants can go a long way.

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