Here’s a Hack to Upgrade Your First Apartment Mirrors

Mirrors can be a great way to add more light and the illusion of more space to your apartment, but old mirrors can also make your apartment look dated and out-of-style. Recently, a simple DIY hack has surfaced that’ll let you quickly upgrade your mirror to a much more modern and stylish piece.

What’s the trick, and how can you do it in your first apartment? Read on below to find out.

What’s the hack?

This trick is a great way to make one large mirror look more modern with panes splitting it into multiple sections. The hack is quick, easy, affordable, and best of all, it doesn’t damage the mirror in any way, so you can easily reverse it when you eventually move out of your apartment.

An ideal mirror for this hack is a large floor mirror or a mirrored wall or closet, as it will visually break up the surface of the mirror, making it not a great option for a bathroom mirror.

To make this hack happen, you’ll need a tape measure, a pair of scissors, a level, a roll of painter’s tape, and a roll of electrical tape.

Measure your mirror and decide on pane sizes

To start, use a tape measure to measure the height and width of your mirror. Try to be as accurate as possible, as measuring mistakes can make the mirror look skewed and off-balance when you’re finished.

Next, you’ll calculate how big you want the panes on your window to be. Decide on how many panes wide and tall you want the window to be, and divide the height and width by that number. This will give you the exact numbers for how tall and wide each pane should be.

Mark where you’ll put the panes

Use the measuring tape again and mark out where you’ll put the lines between each pane. Use painter’s tape to make your marks, or alternatively, you can use a dry erase marker and wipe it off later.

Once you’ve placed your marks, step back for a second and look to make sure they seem to be level with each other and you didn’t make any big mistakes. Optionally, you can use the level here to correct any errors before you put the electrical tape down.

Add the electrical tape!

Finally, you’ll make the actual design with simple black electrical tape. Follow the marks you made with painter’s tape or a dry erase marker, and use the level to make sure your lines are straight. Electrical tape tends to be easily stretched, so be sure not to pull on it too hard, or you can warp it and leave your mirror looking strange.

Optionally, you can add a border of electrical tape around the whole surface of the mirror, and that’s it! When done right, this quick DIY project can add a sleek and luxurious touch to an otherwise boring mirror.

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