First Studio Apartment: Do You Need a Room Divider?

It can be difficult to decorate and stay organized in a studio apartment. Having one large room instead of multiple smaller ones tends to make things look cluttered and make the already small space look even smaller. Room dividers are a popular option for solving this problem, so read on below to find out if you need one.

What is a room divider?

A room divider, as the name suggests, is a piece that helps break up one large room into two smaller ones. It can be used to add privacy to the sleeping area of an apartment, break up decorating schemes on different sides of the room, or simply add the illusion of more space.

Do you need a room divider?

Whether you get a room divider or not often comes down to personal preference, but if you want to divide up your space to give each part of your apartment its own feel, a room divider is your best option.

With most studio apartments being around 500 square feet, and some as small as 200 square feet, a room divider can help you avoid the feeling of being surrounded by the clutter of everything you own at the same time.

Types of room dividers


A hanging divider is a piece of fabric that hangs from a bar at the ceiling and spans across your room. The bar is typically anchored to the ceiling, but you can purchase a framework that will stand up on its own and let you hang a divider without putting holes in the walls or ceiling.

The primary advantage of using a hanging divider in your apartment is that it can be pulled back and forth like a curtain to switch your studio apartment from one room to multiple whenever you want. The style isn’t for everyone, however, and although there are some tasteful ones, you’ll still have a large curtain in the middle of your room.


Another popular option is a folding divider, which is split into several segments and can fold out to be larger or smaller depending on your needs. This design can give a lot of versatility like a hanging divider, but it requires a bit more work to close and expand it and change your space.

Folding dividers are typically freestanding, which means they aren’t as stable as hanging dividers and do pose the risk of falling over. If you get a folding divider, it’s important not to expand it too far, or it won’t have enough floor space to stay stable.

Single panel

A single panel room divider is another freestanding room divider, but it has just one solid panel instead of multiple that fold together. Single panel dividers come in a variety of finishes, from wood to metal to glass, and they can have patterns or colors that add to the style of your apartment.

Some single-panel room dividers can have shelves on them to add storage space. Extra storage space is always helpful in a small studio apartment, so these can be a great option.

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