What Furniture and Decor Does Your First Apartment Backyard Need?

Many first-time renters overlook their backyard or patio, and they’re missing out on what could be a great hang-out spot! A backyard is a great place to relax when the weather’s nice. It can also expand your space in a small apartment when you’re hosting a party. Read on below to learn what furniture and decor you’ll need to set up your first apartment backyard.

Patio table and chairs

The staple of any backyard hangout setup is a patio table and chairs. Without seating in your backyard, it’s unlikely you’ll use it for anything. Since your table and seating should be the centerpiece of your backyard, it’s worth spending more money to get something that’s higher quality. Buying a super cheap table and chairs can cost you more in the long run since they’ll break easily.

Since high-quality tables and chairs can last a long time, a great option is to try to buy them used at a thrift store or from someone locally. If you have an uncovered patio or no patio at all, it may be best to get a metal table and chairs without fabric cushions for minimum maintenance.

A small fire pit

If your landlord allows it, a small fire pit can be a great addition to your first apartment backyard. A fire pit can be a great place to relax during the summer or warm up in the winter, and it can add a lot to your apartment parties.

Wood or coal-burning fire pits are a good option if you want to have small cookouts, but for most people, a simple electric fire pit might be the best option. These fire pits are well-designed for safety and can even be an option on a deck, where you definitely wouldn’t want a traditional fire pit.


Most first apartment backyards, if you’re lucky to have a yard at all, are pretty small and barren. A great way to add to the space is by incorporating some greenery to make it feel more like a large yard and less like a small patch of grass.

If you haven’t grown plants before, try some plants that are low-maintenance and easy to manage for beginners. If you have a little experience with gardening and want to grow something that’ll provide food, try a cherry tomato plant, a small pepper plant, or any kind of herb.

Dual-purpose pieces

In your first apartment, your decorating is typically limited by two things: space and money. To make the most of what you have in both these categories, invest in dual-purpose pieces. These items can be used in multiple ways to save space in a small backyard and minimize the amount of money you need to spend to have a great setup.

One fantastic dual-purpose piece of outdoor furniture is a flat outdoor ottoman. This furniture piece can be used as a footrest, as a small table, or as seating when you have guests over.  Any piece of furniture that can open up to have storage space inside is also a great dual-purpose piece, and seating that can fit multiple people helps you maximize your space too.

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