How to Organize Your Small Apartment Fridge

Small apartments are fantastic for your first time moving away from home, but you might find there’s less space than you’re used to having. This can especially start to stick out in the kitchen, and quickly running out of fridge space is a common problem many small apartment renters have. Want to know how to organize your small apartment fridge to make the most of your space? Read on below!

Remove everything and clean it out

The first step will be to remove everything currently in your refrigerator and wipe it out. You don’t have to do this if you’re just moving in, but otherwise, odds are your fridge has spills and dried food on the shelves. Even if it won’t directly make things more organized, a fridge that’s fresh and clean will feel better.

Sort things strategically

Especially in a small refrigerator, it’s important to sort similar items together. Not only will doing so make it easier for you to find things you need, but it’ll also ensure you can keep all your food in the part of the fridge that will preserve them the longest.

Try putting leftovers on the top shelf as you’ll see them at eye level and be more likely to eat them first. Put meat and cheese in the bottom of the fridge, as it’s the coolest, and try to keep vegetables together in a dedicated “crisper” drawer if you have one. The crisper drawer stays more humid than the rest of the fridge which helps fruit and vegetables stay good for longer.

Use stackable containers

Small fridges tend to be narrower than larger ones but are often just as tall. Take advantage of this height by using stackable containers. Always choose clear containers so you can see what’s in them and dispose of anything that’s gone bad.

Check expiration dates regularly

One deep clean can do a lot for your fridge’s organization, but when you use your fridge every day, it’ll likely get messy again over time. Get in a habit of regularly checking expiration dates and throwing leftovers out after a week or two.

This tip is especially important for dairy products and fresh produce. When you go to the grocery store, always put your new groceries in the back of the fridge so that you have to look through the older things first, and check the expiration dates while you’re at it.

Get rid of things you don’t use

As with any kind of organizing or decluttering, when organizing your fridge, don’t be afraid to throw away items you don’t use. Even if they aren’t quite going bad yet, it can’t hurt to save some space. If you bought a certain condiment or ingredient to try a new recipe but don’t see yourself using it again anytime soon, go ahead and get rid of it! It’s good to save money by using what you have, but some niche food products realistically won’t be used again, so it’s better just to save the space.

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