How to Make a Color Scheme for Your First Apartment

Decorating is one of the best parts of moving into your first apartment, and the first step is choosing the color scheme you want. Colors can change the way your apartment feels, and the right ones will help you feel more comfortable and at home. Read on below to learn how to choose and use a color scheme in your first apartment!

Define your color scheme

To define your color scheme, it’s good to account for the furniture and decor pieces that you already have. Don’t overthink this. It’s okay to come up with a color scheme that’s completely different from what you have, but any large pieces of furniture or pieces you wouldn’t want to get rid of should be taken into account.

Choosing your colors doesn’t have to be complicated. For starters, just consider what colors you’re naturally drawn to. It can help to take a look at the colors you wear most often. From there, just think about the general aesthetic and feel you want your apartment to have. Do you like vibrant, bold colors? Or do you like more neutral or pastel tones?

Then choose a base color, the color you want the theme of the whole home to revolve around. This color can be whatever you want, but consider using a neutral gray or tan if you don’t have any other ideas. Then choose three to five accent colors that you think might work well together and with the base color. Try using the paint color cards at a home improvement store or an online tool to find complementary colors.


Once you’ve decided on your color scheme, it’s time to put it to use! A good first place to start is with the furniture, as this will be the most expensive category, so it’s best to work other things around it. Pick your biggest pieces such as couches and tables first, as they’ll catch the eye and most heavily influence the feel of your apartment.

This category also includes things like blankets, bedding, throw pillows, ottomans, and other small things. These are all great ways to add one of your bolder accent colors into the apartment. Play around with ideas and find what you like!

Walls and floors

The walls and floors are an often-overlooked area that makes a huge difference in the look of your home. Consider painting the walls in your base color and even painting an accent wall, but be sure to check your lease or ask your landlord before doing so. 

An area rug is a perfect way to add some color and texture to your floor, and it can help rooms with hardwood floors feel more comfortable and warm.

Art and decor

Once you’ve chosen your furniture items and added some color to your walls and floor, you can fill in any empty spaces with art or decorations that match your color scheme. These decorations can be anything from paintings and photographs to a decorative lamp or another light source. You might even consider colored lights or LED strips to add that finishing touch to your first apartment.

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