For Your First Apartment Kitchen: Toaster, or Toaster Oven?

A toaster or toaster oven can be a helpful appliance in your first apartment, especially if you aren’t a great cook and want a way to make quick and easy meals. It’s probably unnecessary to have both a toaster and a toaster oven in your kitchen, so which one should you choose? Read on below to find out the pros and cons of each.

Benefits of a toaster

One of the biggest benefits of using a toaster is that it’s compact and can be easily stored underneath your counter or inside a cabinet and taken out whenever you need it. And if you do choose to keep your toaster on the counter, it’ll take up far less space than a toaster oven.

Additionally, a toaster is a very fast way to toast things, so if your primary use for it is just to toast bread, bagels, English muffins, or toaster waffles, a toaster is a great option.

Downsides of a toaster

The biggest downside of using a toaster is also its biggest benefit: the small size. Most toasters only toast two pieces of bread at a time, and even a four- or six-slice toaster can only be used for toasting larger quantities of bread or other foods that will fit. A toaster is one of those kitchen appliances that often stays in the cabinet unused, because realistically, how often do most people eat toast?

Benefits of a toaster oven

Toaster ovens are far more versatile than toasters. While a toaster is good at one thing – toasting sliced bread, bagels, or pastries – a toaster oven can be used for all that and more. A toaster oven is essentially just a small oven with a broil setting that can toast bread or anything else.

Because of this versatility, you can use a toaster oven to reheat or cook meals, and the much larger space lets you toast much more at a time than a toaster oven will allow. A toaster oven also heats up faster than a traditional oven which makes cooking small meals quick and easy.

Downsides of a toaster oven

Toaster ovens aren’t huge, but they’re quite a bit bigger than toasters and will take up a lot of your counter space. If you’re going for a minimalist aesthetic or trying to keep your kitchen generally decluttered, that might mean toaster ovens aren’t the best option for you. Toaster ovens also have to take time to heat up just like a regular oven, which means they can be a slow option if you’re just trying to toast something quickly on the go.

The verdict

If you have an oven in your apartment, there’s almost no reason to choose a toaster oven over a toaster. A toaster will take up less counter space, and between a toaster and an oven, you can cook everything you could cook in a toaster oven. A toaster oven is a pretty niche appliance that is usually only a good option if you live in a small apartment without an oven. 

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