For Your First Apartment Bathroom: Turkish Bath Towel, or Standard Bath Towel?

When furnishing your first apartment, you’ll need to buy bath towels, and if you’re like most people you’re probably used to using standard bath towels. In recent years, however, Turkish bath towels have become a much more popular option. But what are Turkish towels, and are they better than regular ones? Read on below to find out.

What is a Turkish towel?

A Turkish towel is a towel that is tightly woven from long cotton fibers, typically Turkish cotton. They originated in Turkey in the 1700s but have started becoming popular in other parts of the world over the last few years.

Turkish towels sometimes have linen or bamboo fiber woven into them for extra durability, and they’re typically thinner and more lightweight than traditional towels. You can often identify a Turkish towel by the characteristic fringe on the edge of it, although some more modern options don’t have the fringe anymore.

Advantages of a Turkish towel

  • Durability: Turkish cotton is super tough, and these towels can last forever. Normal towels will get thin in spots and get holes over time, but the tight weave and firm cloth of Turkish towels keep them looking nice for a long time.
  • Quick-drying: Turkish towels are thinner than traditional towels, and while that means they become saturated quicker, it also means they can dry significantly quicker.
  • Lack of odor: The thinness of Turkish towels also means they tend to develop less odor than regular towels.
  • Get softer with washing: Turkish towels actually soften and become more absorbent when they’re washed. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see Turkish towels used as blankets or even clothing, because as they age and get worn in, they become even better.

Advantages of a standard bath towel

  • Comfort: While Turkish towels have a lot of benefits, most people are used to standard bath towels, so the comfort factor isn’t something to forget. Brand new standard towels are softer than new Turkish towels, so if you’re okay with replacing your towels every once in a while, they’re still a comfortable option.
  • Thickness: Similar to the last point, if you like having a towel that’s thicker, then a traditional towel may be better for you. Thicker towels are warmer to wrap around yourself, and more thickness can make them more comfortable to spread out and sit or lay on.
  • Affordability: Turkish towels are more of a premium option, and while they’re becoming more popular, standard towels are still easier to find and more affordable.

The verdict

All things considered, Turkish towels are definitely an upgrade from traditional towels. They’re more durable and still highly absorbent, and they’ll continue to get smoother and softer as you wash them, as opposed to standard towels, which tend to decay and get thin and scratchy.

There’s still an element of personal preference to the decision, however, and if you find that you like the feel and comfort of standard towels better, then go with that. The great thing about your first apartment is that everything is up to you!

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