All About Rugs for Your First Apartment

A well-placed rug is a great way to add to your apartment decor and make your apartment feel more complete. There are a wide variety of rugs available, so read on below to learn about some of the most popular options you can choose for your first apartment!

Sculpted rugs

Sculpted rugs, or “high-low rugs,” are rugs with both high and low tufts to create a pattern or design and an interesting texture. There are a wide variety of sculpted rugs on the market, which means there’s a great rug for every style of decor you might want in your apartment.

For a boho feel, try a sculpted rug with a funky or vintage pattern. Or for a more sleek and modern look, there are plenty of sculpted rugs with simple geometric patterns.

Cotton rugs

Cotton rugs are a fantastic way to add some style and softness to your apartment without breaking the bank. Other materials like wool can be pricey, but cotton rugs are among the cheapest out there.

Cotton rugs can be great in a variety of bright colors or with an exciting pattern such as stripes, zig-zags, or polka dots to add an accent to a room.

Braided rugs

Braided rugs are made with many strips of fabric tied together for either a weave in a straight line across the rug or a circular weave around the whole rug. They’re perfect for colonial or country-style decoration.

The best thing about braided rugs is that, because of how they’re constructed, if you stain or ruin one side, you can simply flip it over and have a whole new rug on the other side.

Runner and slice rugs

Runner and slice rugs are two different types of rugs with unique shapes to fit different areas of your home. Runners are long, thin, and best suited for the entryway to your apartment or a hallway.

Slice rugs, as the name suggests, are much smaller than area rugs and are perfect to be used in small areas like under a decorative table or chair, by the kitchen sink, or even by the door like a welcome mat.

Shag rugs

Shag rugs have long fibers and a unique appearance that can add some character to a room. Their texture makes them ideal for people who like walking barefoot at home, and while they originated in the 1970s and were out of style for a while, in 2022, they’re gaining popularity as a staple of home decor.

Best rug materials

The shape, color, and pattern of a rug are typically the most important thing in determining whether it fits your decor style, but certain materials lend themselves better to different styles.

Wool rugs bring a feeling of warmth into your apartment and are great to add some softness to a modern style of decoration. If you like a more natural style of decoration with plants and lots of natural light, try a rug woven from natural fiber like a jute or plant fiber rug.

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