What is a Loft Apartment?

If you’re looking for your first apartment, you’re probably hearing about loft apartments left and right. This style has been on-trend recently, but before you go signing a lease, what even is a loft apartment? Read on below to find out exactly what a loft apartment is and whether it’s the right choice for you.

Where did loft apartments come from?

Loft apartments are most often old industrial buildings converted into residential spaces. They were popularized by artists in the 1960s who would move to New York City and purchase industrial space to live in and save money on living expenses.

This trend quickly spread throughout the world, and now loft apartments can be found in nearly every major city. In some places, this style has become very popular and has risen in price, but it’s still very often cheaper than renting a regular apartment of the same size.

Features of a loft apartment

Loft apartments generally have a very open floor plan, with few interior walls and unusually high ceilings. They also quite often come with large floor-to-ceiling windows, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice in big cities like New York! 

Additionally, many loft apartments have a mezzanine to make use of the high ceilings and extend the living space further. Many loft apartments don’t have a separate bedroom, so you’ll often find “bedroom” space up on the mezzanine.

Loft apartments are part of what first popularized the industrial style of decor that’s so common today. In a loft apartment, you’ll most likely find brick walls, exposed metal pipes or ducts, and concrete floors. This kind of apartment works very well with contemporary decorating, modern art, and bright colors to make the space pop.

Pros of a loft apartment

One of the biggest things that draw renters to loft apartments is the sheer volume of space available. The majority of loft apartments have more square footage than regular apartments in a similar price range. Additionally, the open floor plan makes this space incredibly versatile, like one big blank canvas for you to design your ideal apartment.

And you can’t forget the best thing about loft apartments: the charm! There’s something that feels exciting about an old industrial space, and the old bricks and beams can be a fantastic backdrop for whatever style of decorating suits you. If you’re lucky enough to find a loft apartment with a great view, snatch it up quickly, as there’s nothing quite like a floor-to-ceiling window looking out on the city.

Cons of a loft apartment

While loft apartments may be a popular choice for young artists, those who live alone, or retired couples, they can be a stressful place to live with children or roommates. These buildings weren’t initially created to be living spaces, which is what gives them so much character! But the large open space can make it difficult to find time alone if you live with others, and it can make heating, cooling, and having adequate light a difficult task.

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