What Is The Median Rent for a One-Bedroom Apartment?

When looking to move into your first apartment, the most important choice is where you’re going to live. Many variables can help you make your choice, and one of the most important is whether you can find affordable housing in a certain area. Read on below to learn the national median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in 2022, as well as the median rent for the nation’s five biggest cities.

National median

According to a report by Zumper, the national median rent at the beginning of 2022 was $1,374. This figure can vary widely by state and city, from $700 to more than $300,000. When looking for your first apartment, consider getting one further out of the city and commuting in or moving to a smaller city with plenty of opportunities but a lower cost of living. That said, below are the median rents for the five most populous American cities.

New York City, NY

The biggest city in the U.S., New York is a hub for all different types of people. The weather may be cold and dreary in the wintertime, but the thrill of being in the “city of opportunity” often makes up for it. With a population of over 8.8 million, the city has one of the biggest rental markets in the world, and the median rent is $3,260.

Los Angeles, CA

Next up is Los Angeles, the city of angels. The most populous city in California and the second-most populous in the country, L.A. is known for its tropical weather and beautiful location adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. It’s a mecca for creative people, and if you’re seeking to make it for yourself in music, art, or acting, it just might be the place for you. The median rent is $2,200.

Chicago, IL

Chicago has a strong job market in the finance and business sectors. It snows quite a bit in the so-called Windy City and consistently gets below freezing in the winter, but at least in an apartment, you won’t have to worry about bringing a snow shovel! Despite being the third-largest city in the U.S., Chicago’s rent is a fair bit cheaper, with the median being $1,590. 

Houston, TX

Some say that Texas is the new California, and Houston is a great example. This city is booming and adding tons of jobs in the business and information technology sectors. If you’re looking to start a professional career but don’t want to pay the insanely high rent in some other cities, Houston’s average of $1,220 a month might sound appealing.

Phoenix, AZ

The fifth-largest city in the U.S., Phoenix is also developing into somewhat of a hub for technology and finance careers. Located in southern Arizona, Phoenix gets seriously hot in the summer, so be prepared! The median rent is $1,160, and the city is home to 1.6 million people.

Finding an apartment that fits your budget is an important step when moving out, so choose where you want to go carefully. Good luck!

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