What is Boho in Home Decor?

Possibly the most enjoyable part of moving into your first apartment is getting to decorate! If you spend any time researching interior design or scrolling through Pinterest, one word you’re probably hearing all the time is boho, but what even is it? Read on below to learn what boho is in home decor and how you can get this trendy look for your apartment.

What is Boho?

Boho, or bohemian, interior design is a popular style focused on eclectic textures, patterns, and combinations. Boho is best used in casual settings and can help make your home feel warm, comfortable, and natural. Boho decor works perfectly with antique furniture, eccentric art, plants, natural light, and really anything else you choose to integrate. It’s a style that can be whatever you want it to be!

Patterns and textures

The most important facet of boho decor is the clashing patterns and textures that somehow work together. Plaids, polka dots, paisleys, and floral prints can all have their place in a boho style, which is part of what makes it so fun!

Just as important as your patterns are the textures used. Mix and match different metal finishes and different types of cloth, and try using corduroy, silk, or another fabric you might not usually have around. Things might not always work together, but the great thing about boho is that it’s completely personalized. Decorate with the things you love and figure out how to make them look right together!

Casual design

Boho design is primarily focused on comfort, as opposed to formality. This style of design works great for bedrooms and informal sitting rooms but doesn’t work quite as well for a more formal dining room or office.

You’ll find many types of seating in most boho environments, including quirky chairs, vintage couches, and all sorts of poufs and ottomans. Again, comfort is key here, so choose function over fashion! Pieces that might seem unimpressive on their own can actually help tie the whole design together when used properly.

Plants and sunlight

Make use of living or fake plants and as much natural light as you can get to help your new boho apartment feel comfortable and homey. Ornate or vintage plant pots can add even more depth and contrast to your style.

If you don’t have many windows, try using mirrors to reflect the available light and give the illusion that your apartment receives more natural light than it actually does. Candles and warm-colored light bulbs can help with this as well.

Clutter and character

While minimalism and streamlined design might be all the rage this year, bohemian design definitely doesn’t put an emphasis on simplicity. To perfect your boho decor, you’ll need to find the sweet spot as far as clutter is concerned. Too much will take away from your design, but the right amount can add a lot of charm.

When trying to nail boho decor, your best friends will be thrift shops and flea markets. Look for vintage furniture, old books, paintings, tapestries, and ornate light fixtures. This style of decor thrives on old pieces that have a story to tell, so start searching!

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