Six Tips for Being a Good Neighbor in Your Apartment Building

Moving into your first apartment and getting to know your neighbors can be a bit intimidating at first, but if you take the time to get to know your new neighbors, you might feel much more at home. Knowing the people that live around you can help you develop new friendships and feel safer in your apartment, so it’s definitely worth your time! If you want to know more, read on for six tips for being a good neighbor in your apartment building.

Be mindful of your noise

One of the most common complaints about bad neighbors is that they’re too noisy. Try to walk and talk softly when coming in and out of the building and don’t slam your door. You never know which of your neighbors might be working the night shift and trying to sleep during the day.

Just as important as being quiet in common areas is maintaining an appropriate level of noise in your apartment. Try to keep music, TV, and other noise at a volume that won’t disturb everyone else in your building.

Control your pets

Well-behaved pets can be a ton of fun and provide an easy talking point for you to have conversations with your neighbors. Loud, messy, and out-of-control pets, however, can have the opposite effect and irritate your neighbors and your landlord.

Be sure to always pick up after your pets and keep them on a leash when outside, especially if required in the lease. Some large apartment complexes may have a designated dog area where you can take your pets to play and let off some steam, so just be aware of your building’s specific rules.

Follow parking rules

Parking lot etiquette is another important part of being a good neighbor and being respectful in general. If your apartment building has assigned parking, always park in your spot. It’s helpful to your neighbors and might even be required legally in your lease.

Keep the place clean

Keeping the inside and outside of your apartment clean is a good way to show respect to your neighbors. If you have a balcony or porch, do your best to keep it neat and tidy. When everyone shares one building, improvements in anybody’s space make the whole thing look nicer.

Be friendly!

It’s one thing to be a neighbor who doesn’t get on everyone’s nerves, but being a great neighbor is going out of your way to be friendly. Always say hello to other tenants whom you see when entering and exiting the building, and try to strike up a conversation every once in a while and get to know them!

Being familiar with your neighbors can be good for your apartment security, as it will help you know if someone isn’t supposed to be there. Apartment buildings are common targets for robberies, so do your part to keep the place safe.

Be thoughtful and help out

To really be an all-star neighbor, try to know all your neighbors and be thoughtful of their needs. If you see an elderly neighbor bringing in groceries, offer to help them! Little acts of kindness and respect can turn you from just another person in the building to a respected member of your apartment building’s community.

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