How to Create a Cleaning Schedule

Keeping your first apartment clean can seem like a serious hassle – things just pile up! If you do your basic cleaning tasks consistently, however, the mess won’t get too overwhelming. If you want to know how to create and stick to a cleaning schedule, keep on reading. 

List all your tasks

The first step to creating a cleaning schedule is to list all the regular cleaning tasks on your plate. It can be helpful to walk around your apartment with a piece of paper and a pen and take note of anything you see.


Daily cleaning tasks are typically the first ones on your mind because, if you neglect them, your apartment starts looking messy pretty quickly. This could include basic straightening up, taking out the trash, washing dishes, wiping counters, and more. These tasks are easy to remember but sometimes difficult to motivate yourself to do.

The best way to keep track of your schedule for daily tasks is to use a to-do list or app that reminds you daily and gives you a simple way to check off that you’ve done something. This approach will help reinforce the habit so it becomes a natural part of your daily routine.


Weekly chores might include taking the garbage can to the curb or dumpster, vacuuming, dusting, or mopping the floor. You should also clean the inside of your kitchen appliances weekly. Take some time to scrub out your microwave and the inside of your refrigerator.


Some tasks only need to be done once a month or even less often. These are the tasks that most often get overlooked. Once a month, you should clean out your fridge and kitchen cabinets, clean your windows, and deep clean your bathroom.

Some cleaning chores need to be done seasonally, such as spring cleaning, reorganizing and decluttering, and cleaning your lighting fixtures. Set a recurring date on your Google Calendar or Apple Calendar to remind you to take care of these tasks once or twice a year.

When the need arises

While you accomplish your basic cleaning tasks, keep an eye out for anything else that might need freshening up. Some things don’t necessarily need to be part of your regular cleaning routine and can just be taken care of whenever the need arises.

This could include wiping stains off the walls and baseboards, cleaning air vents, and dusting cobwebs. If, however, you find that some of these things are consistent problems, consider adding them to your regular cleaning schedule.

Write it down and stay accountable

Once you’ve organized all your tasks by how often they need to be done, come up with a way to remind yourself to do each task. Using a to-do list app or a simple reminder on your fridge can be an effective way to keep yourself accountable.

Most household tasks are simple and quick when done often enough, it’s when you postpone things that they become a real problem. Stay up-to-date with your cleaning schedule and you’ll be thankful for it!

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