How Much Does It Cost to Move?

Moving into a new apartment can be expensive, so it’s important to be prepared. Read on below to learn all the costs you’ll need to consider when planning your move and find some helpful tips and tricks to save money where you can.

Basic supplies

Your first expense when moving will be basic moving supplies such as boxes and tape. These shouldn’t cost too much, but it’s something to think about. If you’re moving by yourself and have heavy appliances or large furniture, you might want to invest in a hand truck or rent one from a rental company or your local home improvement store.

Renting a truck

If you’re moving all by yourself, one of your most significant expenses might be renting a moving truck. Most truck rental companies charge a flat fee to rent the truck, as well as an additional fee per mile. In addition, you’re expected to return the truck with a full tank of gas.

Larger moving trucks will be more expensive, but make sure you get one large enough to carry all your things in one trip. The cost can stack up quickly if you’re making the drive back and forth multiple times, especially if you’re moving far away. All in all, this can cost between $150 for a small local move and a few thousand dollars if you’re moving between states.

Hiring movers

If you’re willing to spend some extra money to avoid some of the hassle of moving on your own, hiring a company to help you move is a good option. Moving companies will typically charge between $50 and $250 per hour, so all in all it will most likely cost you a few hundred (or maybe even a few thousand) dollars. Prices vary between companies, so get a quote from a few companies in your area before you commit to anything.

Deposits and fees

When preparing to move, make sure you’re aware of any deposits or fees you’ll have to pay to get set up in your new apartment. You’ll likely have to pay the first month’s rent before or on the day of the move, and many landlords or rental companies will also charge you the last month’s rent upfront or have you put down a security deposit. In some cases, the landlord can charge all three.

When considering a move, be prepared to pay three times the monthly rent upfront for first and last month’s rent and a security deposit. You’ll get your security deposit back, minus any major damage to the apartment, at the end of your lease. Your last month’s rent will pay for itself when you choose to move out of the apartment.

Setting up your new place

Consider anything you’ll need to buy to set up your new apartment. This notion applies to basic disposable goods such as dish soap and paper towels, furniture to fill the new space, blinds or shades, and plenty more. You might also need to buy new trash cans, rugs, and other things if your new apartment has more bathrooms than your previous place.

Moving can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Make a plan of attack and save money wherever you can leading up to your move so you can transition smoothly into your new apartment.

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