How to Sell Your Old Furniture As You Prepare for a Move

When you’re getting ready for a big move, it can be hard to know what to do with all your furniture. Maybe your new place is a bit smaller, or maybe you’re just looking to get rid of old furniture and buy some new furniture to replace it. Either way, now is the perfect time to sell some of your old furniture, but how should you do it? Read on below to find out.

Sell in person

For large furniture like couches and dressers, you’ll want to sell to someone local because shipping something of that size can be unreasonably expensive. One of the best ways to do this is the old-fashioned way: Have a garage sale! Let your friends know on social media, and try picking up some garage sale signs from your local home improvement store to place around your neighborhood.

If you’re not worried about making the most money possible and want to save yourself the hassle of having a garage sale, search for stores in your area to which you could sell the furniture. Used furniture stores, antique stores, consignment stores, and pawn shops are all options, but be prepared to make less money than you would if you sold the furniture directly to someone else.

Sell online

If you’re looking to sell smaller pieces of furniture like chairs, side tables, or pieces of furniture that can be taken apart, you have the option of selling them online and shipping them to the buyer. There are plenty of great places to sell furniture online for delivery, including eBay, Mercari, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist.

When trying to sell furniture online, the most important thing is to be descriptive and provide clear pictures. Buyers don’t want to waste their time or money if they’re not sure what condition the furniture is in, so give them as much information as possible. Look around to see what similar products are selling for near you, and keep the brand and condition of your furniture in mind. Clean your furniture before you take pictures, and make sure you have good lighting.

Local pickup

Many marketplaces give you a way to sell your furniture online but arrange a local pickup so you don’t need to worry about shipping. Watch out though, because scammers often try to trick people on these platforms. Be careful not to give personal information to anyone online, and if you meet up to make a sale, choose a public place like a bank or grocery store. Be prepared to negotiate, as potential buyers will often be looking to get a better price. Keep the lowest price you’ll accept in mind, so you don’t get caught off-guard when someone makes a lower offer.

Selling your old furniture online can be a great way to clear some space and make a little extra money before you move, and you’ll have less stuff to haul with you when you move!

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