How to Keep Your First Apartment Safe and Secure

We all want to feel safe at home, but doing so can be hard for a number of reasons. Feeling comfortable in your own space is vital to your emotional well-being, especially if it’s your first time living away from home.

Do you want to know the best ways to keep your first (or any) apartment safe and secure? Then keep on reading!

Check your locks

In the case of a burglary or intruder, the first points of entry are almost always the doors. Breaking windows is loud and can cut the intruder, who will almost always check first to see if your doors are unlocked or can be easily opened. That’s why you should make sure you always lock your doors when leaving home or going to bed, and you should especially make sure to lock the deadbolt. Most door frames are made of cheap white pine that can rot and soften over time, making it easy for an intruder to kick through the lock if the deadbolt isn’t secured. 

Another thing you can do to secure your doors is to add a smart lock if your landlord approves it. A smart lock is a lock that can lock and unlock automatically through an app on your smartphone. It will also alert you if you leave home without locking your door and if someone unlocks your door while you’re not there.

Get a security system

As a renter, you might think you’re not able to get the security systems that many homeowners use to protect their homes, but that’s not true! Many security companies offer DIY systems including cameras, door sensors, and a desk panel that can help secure your apartment without putting holes in the walls or doing anything to endanger your security deposit. These systems also come equipped with an app on your smartphone so you can keep monitoring the situation in your apartment even when you’re away.

Get to know your neighbors

The safest neighborhoods and apartment communities are protected because the neighbors are familiar with each other and know who is and isn’t supposed to be there. So get to know your neighbors! Once you establish a relationship, you and your neighbors can look out for each other and ensure that the whole area remains a safe place to live. 

Similarly, it can be smart to get to know the building employees if you live in a staffed apartment complex. If you’re familiar with the office workers, security guards, and maintenance personnel, you’ll be able to identify anyone who isn’t supposed to be there and might be a threat.

Other threats

Burglary and crime are theoretically a threat anywhere, but they shouldn’t be your only safety concerns. Fire, mold, and structural problems can also present a huge risk if you don’t take the necessary precautions, so make sure you’re prepared. Check that your smoke detectors have batteries and are in working order, and let your landlord know if they aren’t. If you see signs of black mold or signs of poor structural integrity like a sagging ceiling or rotting wood, make sure you alert your landlord immediately so the issue can be corrected as soon as possible.

As you keep these tips in mind and defend your apartment against intruders or other threats, you’ll be able to really settle in and make that apartment into a home. That’s the most important thing!

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