How to Get Your Apartment Ready for New Roommates

When you have a new roommate moving into your apartment, it’s natural to feel nervous. Having someone else hanging around means you need to change your lifestyle habits. If you want to avoid any poor first impressions, then consider the following tips. They’re easy to follow and should make sure that you and your new roommate have a pleasant experience. After all, getting off on the right foot can be essential to a harmonious co-living relationship.

Set out clear instructions where needed

If you’re someone with a very particular way of doing things, you should make that clear. For example, if you want to set boundaries for things like food in the fridge, make that clear with a note. Don’t wait until the problem happens and then bring it up.

Without sounding like you’re drafting a legal document, produce a little guide to follow. Doing so can help set instructions for things like taking care of pets and washing dishes.

Prepare your shared spaces

Areas like the living room, kitchen, and outdoor areas should be made as neutral as possible. Yes, this is your apartment, but it’s also your roommate’s apartment. That’s why you should make sure your new roommate feels like they can add their own personal accents and touches.

If you aren’t too overbearing with your own touches, your roommate should follow the same approach. If you avoid making the shared space look like a personal shrine to yourself, then your new roommate shouldn’t feel the need to try and counterbalance.

Neutralize their room area

A good thing to do if you have the time and the skills is to take the roommate’s room back to the drawing board before they move in. That could mean getting rid of color on the walls, removing accents and personalities from the previous tenant, and giving the whole thing a thorough cleaning.

The more you can do to make sure your new roommate walks into a blank canvas of personal space, the better. While the rest of the apartments should remain more neutral, personal spaces like bedrooms are typically more reflective of the occupant’s personality. So focus on making sure your roommate can walk in and make the room their own. To foster a better relationship, help out as much as you can with things like painting and decorating.

Bring in all the essentials

Make sure the roommate’s first days in your new apartment go as easily as possible. Bring in all the essentials like tea, coffee, milk, and bread so that the new roommate can simply focus on settling in. Try to form a schedule, too, so you can both take turns picking up these essentials. This structure minimizes strife and lets the roommate know you’ll be happy to pull your own weight when it matters.

Get together cleaning supplies

Building on the above, make sure you stock up on cleaning items and toiletries. Doing so shows that you want to keep the place tidy. It also gives the roommate little reason to ignore cleaning due to a lack of resources.

From the day the roommate arrives, make the location of your cleaning products fully clear. The end result should be an apartment that feels much more capable of being cleaned by both of you, avoiding any early debates around the apartment’s overall condition.

Preparing for a new roommate can be tough, but handling all the above makes it much easier to get a good start. If you are clear, consistent, clean, and willing to help, this transition can be very enjoyable. Get the above plans in place, and your new apartment should feel like both yours and theirs!

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